USPS Integration

Article last modified: 2019-03-14

The following steps are needed to integrate the shipping with USPS through the Endicia service.

Sign up for an account at Endicia

To open an Endicia Label Server Account go to the following link to the Endicia website

The "Advanced" account option allows for the creation of an end of day scan form for the USPS pickup driver to scan.  It also allows for a package pickup to be requested.  If either of these options are desired or required create an "Advanced" account. Otherwise, create a "Basic" account.

Note:  The advanced functions are accessed through the Endicia website, not the SYSPRO interface.

After registering, do not download any software.

Set up SandBox account for testing at Endicia

Endicia offers test accounts in their sandbox test environment. 

To get started, go here*:

  1. Your RequesterID in the SandBox will be "lxxx"
  2. Your account number will be emailed to you upon signup
  3. Use this credit card type: Visa
  4. Use this credit card number for this test account: 4111111111111111
  5. Use this expiration: (enter your choice)

Load Address Verification Table

In SYSPRO, select "Address Information Verification" from the Cross-Reference Menu on the EDI Menu.  Select "Import" and then "Import All Pre-Set Information".

Import Carrier Information

Select "Carrier Information" from the Cross-Reference Menu on the EDI Menu.  Select "Import" and then either "Import USPS Information" or "Import All Pre-Set Information".

Import Service Information

Select "Carrier Service Information" from the Cross-Reference Menu on the EDI Menu.  Select "Import" and then either "Import USPS Information" or "Import All Pre-Set Information".  Do not change or add services to the list.  If a service is missing, contact technical support for an update.

Add USPS Account

  1. Select "Carrier Account Information" from the Cross-Reference Menu on the EDI Menu.
  2. Click the ADD button.
  3. Enter "USPS" for the SCAC code.
  4. For the account code, enter something to describe the account ("GENERAL", "WAREHSE1", etc.).
  5. Enter a description for the account
  6. Enter a phone number that will be used in case there is no phone number on the A/R account. 
  7. Go to the "USPS via Endicia" tab
  8. enter "lcdc" for the requester ID and the account ID and pass phrase used to open the account.
  9. Set the Endicia Server option to the production server
  10. Enter a new pass phrase and click on "Change Pass Phrase".  Remember this new pass phrase in order to access the account on the Endicia website.
  11. Click Save and Close
  12. See below on how to purchase postage.

Add Printers

Select "Label Printers" from the Cross-Reference Menu on the EDI Menu. For each label printer, click add and enter a Printer Code to define the printer.  Complete the rest of the form with the required information.

Download the Cadacus Support System installation program to the workstations and run the installation.  This interface is required to access the scales and printers

Note:  The Shipping system bypasses the Windows printer drivers.  Therefore the printer can be setup using the Windows "Generic Text-Only" printer drivers.  Drivers for Eltron printers are available from the following sources.
   Seagull Scientific Eltron Printer Drivers

Connect the SYSPRO Ship-Via's to the USPS service

It is recommended that coded Ship-Via's be used within SYSPRO.

Select "Ship-Via to SCAC and Carrier Information" from the Cross-Reference Menu on the EDI Menu. Leave the "Trading Partner" field blank and enter a ship-via.  Select "USPS" from the carrier list below and the Name and SCAC will be filled in automatically. Go to the "Service Information" tab and select the service to match the ship-via. Set any of the other parameters as necessary.  Do not enter an account code.

Enable USPS Integration in the Shipping Station

For each shipping station which will be handling FedEx, go to the freight page of the station setup and enable the USPS interface.  Select the USPS account from the cross-reference and printer to use for this station.

Important Note: During the testing phase, check the box "Enable USPS Testing".  This insures that all requests are sent to the test server even if the production server is selected in the Carrier Account setup.

Purchasing Postage

There are three methods of purchasing postage.

  1. Online - Go to, login to your account and use the website to purchase postage
  2. Carrier Account Setup - Select the proper account, go to the USPS tab, enter the postage desired and click on "Buy Postage"
  3. Automatic - In the carrier account setup, enter the postage to buy, a minimum postage level and enable to auto-purchase option.  The solution will automatically purchase postage whenever it goes below the minimum.

General notes

  • Any error returned with the header "Endicia Error" is a message being returned from the Endicia server.
  • If the debug log is enabled, the messages will also be logged in the "...BASE\CadacusSFS" folder