Cadacus Handheld name change and licensing

The Cadacus Handheld solution has grown since 2003 when it was first introduced for the Palm operating system. Many exciting features have been added over the years. The release of support for the Android platform (accommodating tablets and other devices), the continued expansion of License Plating, and the growing list of advanced capabilities have all contributed to growing the handheld solution from just a warehousing solution to a warehouse management solution (WMS).

Therefore we are extending the name to be the Handheld WMS Solution.  The formal name is the Cadacus Solutions for SYSPRO Handheld WMS Solution.

New license

Along with the new name there is a new licensing system.  Please note there are no changes to the license philosophy. It has always been a requirement for production devices to be licensed. A production device is any Windows computer, user on a terminal server, mobile computer or Android device which is performing production transactions on a live SYSPRO company. Any device used solely for testing does not require a license. The changes are enhancements to the license itself and the management of licensed devices.The new license will be required with all releases as of April 2018. It is not a requirement to immediately update to the new release, however next year's 2019 ALF (annual license fee) licenses will only be issued in the new license format. 

  • IMPORTANT: implementing any release dated April 2018 or later requires the new Handheld WMS license registration numbers (attached) for all companies as the "old Handheld licenses" will no longer work.
  • If after installing the updated solution and the new license, the system is found to be under-licensed, please contact us and a temporary license will be issued to allow operation while the appropriate number of licenses are acquired.

Importing new Handheld WMS license

Do not import the new license into any release prior to April 2018. 

For companies using the Handheld WMS solution, the only additional action required after upgrading the first time from a pre-April 2018 release to the latest release is to import the provided Cadacus Solutions for SYSPRO license.  The import steps are as follows:

  1. login to SYSPRO as an administrator
  2. press Ctrl+R, type-in/run EDIREG
  3. select “Import Cadacus SFS licenses”
  4. browse/select the new Cadacus license
  5. click “Import”
Administering Handheld WMS Devices

To assist in the enterprise-management associated with the increasing number of devices capable of using Cadacus WMS, this new release provides an administrative tool for managing devices and assigning them to "Production" or "Test" usage.  After installing the new release and importing the new Cadacus WMS licenses (see above requirement), the registration will use the "Licensed WMS Devices" instead of the prior method of using the SYSPRO user count.  This licensed device count is used to assign production or test status to the WMS devices. 

  • Production Units are defined as any device (Windows computer, terminal server user, mobile computer or Android device) running the Cadacus Handheld WMS solution and being actively used throughout the course of the company's operational activities. This would exclude Cadacus Handheld WMS device installations used only for testing or training.
  • An administrator can view and modify the production/test status of any device using the Cadacus “Handheld WMS Devices” program in the Warehouse Solutions section of the menu.  The main program's screen will look similar to the below with the status of each device listed.

  • Devices should not be added manually to the device list.  They will be added automatically as they connect to the server.
  • As the Cadacus Handheld WMS devices connect to the server it will be assumed each device is a production device. Devices can be changed to test devices by an administrator.  If the production license limit is reached, any further devices will be assumed to be test devices.
  • Test devices will occasionally display a message indicating they are test devices to the operator.  In addition, any device operating on a “Test for” or “Demo for” company name will warn the user they are not operating on a live company.
  • The device name is used for the registration.  Every device needs to have a unique name.  Multiple instances of the solution running on a single device are considered to be the same license.  The solution running in a terminal server environment uses the device name of the client device.
  • An administrator can view and modify the production/test status of any device using the Cadacus “Handheld WMS Devices” program in the Warehouse Solutions section of the menu for each device listed

For more information on this licensing release, please contact John McNeill (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

The Cadacus Handheld WMS

The name change will not happen overnight.  Some of the changes will be immediate and some changes will take longer, but overall, we believe this to be a milestone in warehouse management for SYSPRO users.

For more information, please contact your dealer.

Thank you,

Cadacus, Inc.
Solutions for SYSPRO Support Team