Advanced Order Management Operation

Advanced Order Management (AOM) is a two or three step process to ease the processing of open orders from receipt to allocation to shipping.

The first step of the process is a compilation run. The compilation run looks at all the outstanding sales orders based on the parameters provided in the settings and prioritizes and calculates suggested allocations. The information is stored for the allocation process and can be optionally be reported.

The second step is the allocation process. This is a visual screen showing all the information from the compilation process to the order specialist or other person who is responsible to allocating inventory. The suggested allocation van be viewed and modified and a large range of filters employed to drill down to the essential orders. Orders are then selected for shipping and the suggested allocations applied. Optionally a picking or other document may be printed for the shipping department. When selecting orders the order specialist may sequence the orders in the preferred picking sequence (ship-via, customer, etc.) to assist the shipping department in the picking process.

The third step is optional and allows the warehouse manager control over the picking process and paper. If desired, the printing of picking tickets is moved from the allocation step to a release stage. The warehouse manager can view all the orders ready for picking and decide which order to print, hold etc.

The AOM solution has many integrations to automatically process the orders. An EDI document can automatically be generated for a 3PL or other remote warehouse. The shipping solution can be invoked for automatically printing of labels and other documents. There is an interface to the PickPro Carousel system or other external system for efficient picking of product. 

The configuration of the AOM solution is in the main System Setup under the support area of the main menu.