Advanced label system

The label control file is a text file which contains configuration and detail information for the labeling system.

Generic Label Types

The handheld solution can generate the following labels

  • Stock Codes
  • License Plates
  • Purchase Order Receipts
  • Job Receipts
  • Job Inter-operations
  • Job Issues
  • Bins

The label system is provided a base set of information by the handheld solution. The information provided is summarized in the table below.  The labeling system is able to print any information from a SYSPRO table it is able to be read based on the information provided.  For example a purchase order receipts label is able to print information from the stock code master based on the stock code of the line being received.

Stock Code Stock code and quantity of labels to print
Purchase Order Receipt Purchase order number, Line and quantity received
Job Receipt Job Number and quantity received
Bin Labels Bin Number


  Label Tokens

Label tokens are anything within <> (unless modified by the [DELIMITERS] command) within the label control file.  They are generally used within the [LABEL] area of the control file, but can be used within many of the commands also. The tokens for the advanced labels are taken from the SYSPRO SQL data column names. You may use the SYSPRO Data Dictionary Viewer from the Utilities menu for view the SQL Data names. The tokens can be used with or without the SYSPRO table name. The table and column are not case sensitive. For example either <StockCode> or <InvMaster.StockCode> will output the stock  code. There are times where some column names can point to multiple information sources. <StockCode> in a job issue could mean the jobs stock code or the stock code being issued. Using the table name will force the outputing of the desired information.

Custom form fields can be printed using a special token format of <CFF-{TYPE}-{NAME}> where {TYPE} is the custom form field type (STK, POR, etc.) and {NAME} is the custom form field name.

Special Tokens

  • QUANTITY - Quantity provided to the labels
  • CYMD - Date as CCYYMMDD
  • FDATE - Formatted date (See Token Attributes on how to format the date)
  • DATE or YMD- Date as YYMMDD
  • TIME - Current time as HHMMSS (Length attribute can be used to modify)

Note: If the label system can not recognize the token the word "ERROR" will be printed. If the token is a recognized SQL data name, but the system can not locate the information based on the data provided "NODATA" will be printed.

 Sample Labels

Note: The below samples are not designed to generate actual labels. To generate a label the approriate printer control language would need to be inserted into the label control file or the label control file formatted to work with a 3rd party label package.

Sample Stock Code Label Control File

[FILE] <PATH>Generic-StockCode.txt
Stock Code     : <StockCode> / <Description>

Sample Job Label Control File

[FILE] <PATH>Generic-Job.txt
Job            : <Job>  / <JobDescription>
Stock Code     : <StockCode> / <Description>
Quantity       : <QUANTITY>

Sample Purchase Order Label Control File

[FILE] <PATH>Generic-PO.txt
Purchase Order : <PurchaseOrder> / <Supplier>
Stock Code     : <StockCode> / <Description>
Date           :  <CYMD>

Sample Bin Label Control File

[FILE] <PATH>Generic-Bin.txt
Bin/Location   : <Bin> / <Location>