Automating with e.Net

Note: The following requires a base Cadacus release of 5/3/2020 or later.

All the EDI document imports and exports can be called as a SYSPRO business object. SYSPRO's e.Net system manager is required.

The business object to call is the standard import/export program name. This name can be found by starting the program in SYSPRO and pressing shift-F7 to get the information screen.  For example the program and business object for the 850 import is EDI850.

Each call to the business object can only process a single set of information at a time.

The information contained in these tutorials is intended for implementors and programmers familiar with the e.Net system. It is not designed as a tutorial for how to use or call business objects using e.Net. Contact your dealer of SYSPRO for information or training on the e.Net system.

All document imports and exports are e.Net type - Transaction, Post

Follow this link for details of calling an EDI Import

Follow this link for details of calling an EDI Export