Consulting/Development Guidelines for

Direct Support Requests

Our Cadacus Solutions for SYSPRO Support Policy is stated on our website here. In summary, it clearly aligns with SYSPRO's worldwide support policy which makes the SYSPRO reseller (dealer) the primary technical support and consulting contact for the SYSPRO user. This dealer/user collaboration is essential to the many training and user help processes successfully existing for many years throughout the SYSPRO ecosystem, one in which Cadacus has been an integral part for almost 30 years.

We at Cadacus Solutions for SYSPRO are committed to the continuous improvement of the ways in which customers get the help needed to solve ever-evolving day-to-day production demands. From our emphasis on tutorials, training and documentation tools to our Frequently Asked Questions and Community Forum, we endeavor to help our users and our community to develop solutions.

In the complex world of ERP systems' middleware, such as EDI and Shipping, the ongoing demands, ranging from interfacing with such third parties as UPS to maintaining the many EDI industry standards we support, are especially challenging. In some unique situations, we find SYSPRO customers reaching out to Cadacus for direct support and our initial response will always be to ensure the customer is:

  1. following the Cadacus Support Policy and working directly with his or her dealer for help, and
  2. is aware of the Cadacus training tools and resources available noted above.

If the customer's need is still unmet, we recommend contacting our list of consultants with proven Cadacus Solutions skills for assistance.

If the SYSPRO customer still requests direct consulting or development support from Cadacus, the request will be considered on a case-by-case basis under the following requirements:

  1. the customer is aware of the Cadacus Support Policy and has followed the recommended steps in it attempting to address the need at hand;
  2. the customer has a unique case and has informed his/her dealer of an interest in pursuing outside help beyond the scope of typical dealer and Cadacus support;
  3. the customer has completed a "Cadacus Solutions for SYSPRO Direct Support Request" form describing the general needs or requirements.

Assuming we approve the Direct Support Request, the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. Direct Support Requests will be setup and managed through our Cadacus Ticketing system. The customer agrees to have a "Ticket Owner" who is the primary customer contact for the request and will log comments and include necessary attachments required to define the need or issue. The use of direct emails to Cadacus team members will be kept to a minimum to enable proper overall management and tracking of the request within the Ticketing system.
  2. All questions, support, development, and implementation assistance are billable, although bugs, or other problems with programs, are not billable. If Cadacus is requested to install an update because of a bug or problem, the time to install the update is billable.
  3. The hourly rate for Direct Support is US $250 per hour, billed in 15-minute increments.
  4. Requests for enhancements, if accepted, will be done and billed based on the time expended, unless a quote is requested in advance. If a quote is requested, the work will be performed after the quote is accepted by the customer and Cadacus will bill for the Direct Support after the work has been delivered by Cadacus.
  5. Response times and turnaround times are not guaranteed. We will endeavor to assist customers in a reasonable time frame based on priority and severity of the request.
  6. Non-payment of any invoice may result in the discontinuation of services.
  7. If the request for Direct Support is made, the customer should not subsequently make a similar request to any other dealer or SYSPRO, as multiple parties attempting to work on the same request tend to complicate matters and often lengthens response times and resolutions.

Note: please click the following button to create a Direct Support Request:

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