Download and Update Instructions

These releases for Windows bases SYSPRO installations are similar to SYSPRO updates. They are designed to be placed directly into the SYSPRO upgrade directory (base\upgrade) and installed using the SYSPRO upgrade utility which is automatically launched when an administrator logs into SYSPRO.

Note regarding installation

The current programs, base\bin files, screensets and data should ALWAYS be backed up before installing the new release. The new release should then be tested to insure compatibility with your document settings.

Data Conversions

After installing an update on a C-ISAM file based SYSPRO system running any import/export or the shipping system will automatically trigger a data file check. Any necessary data conversions will be performed The conversions may also be performed by entering the program EDICNV at the File, Run menu prompt in SYSPRO.

After installing an update on a SQL based SYSPRO system, the script "EDIUpdate.SQL" located in the base\scripts directory must be run against every SYSPRO database.

For users of the EDI/Shipping system released before April 1st, 2006:

If the current release of your EDI/Shipping system (shown on the main EDI Menu) is before 04-01-2006 the following update must be installed. After installing the update start SYSPRO and enter EDICNV in the SYSPRO File, Run menu option. Allow any data file conversions to be performed. The program must be run in each company BEFORE installing the latest release.

Data File Conversions for Windows