Cadacus Shipping Library

Required for web API-based carrier interfaces

    Cadacus Shipping Library Setup

Released : April 25, 2024

Steps for installation:

  1. Click the "Cadacus Shipping Library Setup" link above to download.
  2. Prerequisite:  Microsoft .NET Frameworks 4.5.2.  Most modern Microsoft servers and PC workstations maintain current versions of the .NET Frameworks, however, if there are questions as to which version of the .NET Frameworks is installed, please contact your local systems support for assistance. 
  3. Run the installation program on the SYSPRO application server where web the API-based carrier interfaces will be utilized by the Shipping solution.


UPS API Announcement

UPS has announced that as of June 3, 2024 all web api requests must go through UPS' new web API. All current users of the Cadacus Shipping Solution UPS web API interface must be on the new API by following the information below before that date.

To know if the current UPS keys are for the old or the new API, look at the length of the access key (not the account or password). If it is 16 characters then it for the old API. If it is longer the 16 characters it is for the new API.

Follow the information in the UPS Web Services tutorial