The following is an explanation of the FTP Capabilities of the EDI Solution for SYSPRO.

Basic Description

The Input Sort and Output Combine programs can be configured to perform an FTP to a VAN or trading partner before/after the program runs.  The FTP information is configured via the Communications Path cross-reference.  Each logical place where EDI files are sent or received is a separate communications path.  It is not required that all paths use the same form of communications. An outside AS2 server or other means could provide the transportation of files to/from the VAN or partner.  The built-in FTP system is an additional option.

FTP Capabilities

In the FTP setup there is a choice between two FTP systems.

Microsoft FTP is built into all modern flavors or Windows and so does not require any additional software. It can not handle secure connections and does not have any debug/tracing capabilities.  It also can not send a FTP ACCOUNT code to those servers which require one.

Secure FTP requires the Cadacus Solutions for Syspro Support system to be installed on the server or workstation.  The installation package can be downloaded by clicking the above link.

Note: The Secure FTP system may also be used for non-Secure communications.  There is a tracing facility that allows for debugging connections that are not functioning as expected.  There is also the capability of sending an FTP ACCOUNT code if required.

Note: The WS-FTP interface is no longer supported.

Secure FTP

There are two forms of secure FTP that are used on the internet and both are referred to by different names.

The secure FTP supported by the EDI system is usually called FTP/S or FTP/SSL.  This secure protocol runs the FTP session and performs encryption using SSL or TLS secure protocols. (See Wikipedia entry on SSL/TLS here)

FTP via SSH or SFTP is not supported directly but could be setup via a third-party communications program.

Integration with other communications programs

Via the "Execute Before Sort" and "Execute After Combine" the system can be integrated with other communications systems.

Establishing VPN or other connections

If the FTP requires the establishment of a VPN or other connection before the communications can begin, this can be accomplished via the "Execute Before FTP" and "Execute After FTP" the system can be integrated with other communications systems.

Outside Program Execution Notes

These programs will execute differently then a standard SYSPRO trigger.  The full path and any parameters must be entered into the command line. The use of spacey file names should be avoided.  If they can not the enclose any spacey names in quotations.  The program will be started and SYSPRO will wait for the program to complete before continuing.  Batch files can not be run.  VB Scripts can be run, but the command must start with either wscript.exe (the Windowing script host program) or cscript.exe (the non-windowing script program).  Only cscript.exe is recommended for execution on the server.