Cadacus Solutions for SYSPRO Support Policy

1. For support of all Cadacus Solutions for SYSPRO Solutions

Please contact support as follows :

    • For end-user customers, contact your SYSPRO Dealer. If you are a SYSPRO house account, contact SYSPRO support.
    • For dealers and consultants, contact SYSPRO support.
    • Contact Cadacus, if you are under a Cadacus support contract

2. Additional Support Providers

Your SYSPRO Dealer is always your first line of Support, we at Cadacus maintain a list of SYSPRO consultants who have proven Cadacus Solutions skills that may not be available at your Dealer-- click here for the list that includes contact information...

3. Cadacus Solutions for SYSPRO Direct Support Request (note: requires registration and login)

If the SYSPRO customer still requests direct consulting or development support from Cadacus, the request will be considered on a case-by-case basis under the following requirements:

    • The customer is aware of the Cadacus Support Policy and has followed the recommended steps in it attempting to address the need at hand;
    • the customer has a unique case and has informed his/her dealer of an interest in pursuing outside help beyond the scope of typical dealer and Cadacus support;
    • the customer has registered on our website and completed a “Cadacus Solutions for SYSPRO Direct Support Request” form here (note: requires registration and login) describing the general needs or requirements.