Vendor Purchase Orders

Cadacus Vendor Purchase Order Solution for SYSPRO automatically creates drop-ship purchase orders based on incoming EDI orders. The solution can be integrated with the EDI Solution for SYSPRO to be auto-triggered from the EDI purchase order import.
Cadacus RMA Capture Solution for SYSPRO helps automate the receiving of return product. Designed as a front-end for the SYSPRO RMA module, this solution enables large quantities of product to be scanned, checked and validated against an RMA. Optionally, the system will populate the RMA based on the actual returned product. This is the perfect solution for handling large shelf refreshes.
Cadacus Shipment Import Solution for SYSPRO is a fast and easy way to return third-party warehouse shipment information into SYSPRO and provide ASN and shipment information to the EDI Solution for SYSPRO. All your warehousing partner needs to provide is a standard XML-formatted document and the import will update your SYSPRO sales order, as well as provide the information for EDI documents.

 Click here for the Vendor Purchase Order Solution for SYSPRO PDF