Current Release : February 15, 2023

Please select the link below to download the latest Solutions for SYSPRO release for SYSPRO 8


Updates to latest release

2021-02-22 : Update to distribution to remove extraneous test files

UI files starting with TST were accidentally included in the release. These files were placed in the base/UI folder and can be removed.

EDI and Shipping Solutions Licenses

The SYSPRO US add-on license will not work at this time in SYSPRO 8, Please contact us for a Cadacus license.

Major database change in July 26, 2022 release

A number of major changes have been made to the shipment tables to clean up inconsistencies in the original definitions of the tables and to support multiple dispatch notes from the same sales order being shipped on the same shipment. The main aspect of the conversion is the use of a numeric document number instead of the sales order number in the EDIShipmentOrder and EDIShipmentAdd tables.  The necessary conversion can take longer than usual if the shipment tables are large and if multiple orders per shipment are normal. In addition, any "ShipmentNumber" column has been renamed to "Shipment" and other columns have also been renamed for consistency. In order to minimize the impact of any renamed columns, computed columns have been added for all renamed columns to allow reports etc. to continue to function

Testing of Updates

It is HIGHLY recommended that all updates be tested on a test or development server separate from the main SYSPRO application server before installing in a live environment. 

Notes for known issues

(this list will change as items become known and resolved):

  • Cadacus licenses for SYSPRO 8 have not changed.  Existing Cadacus licenses will work in SYSPRO 8. If you are using a SYSPRO US license for EDI and/or Shipping Solutions, please contact us for a license.
  • Note: the SQL scripts under SYSPRO 8 get copied to the Plugin\CustomStore folder (not the base\scripts folder as in the other versions).
  • There is a known issue with converting reports to PDF.
  • The shipping library installed must be from December, 19, 2018 or newer.
  • The support library installed must be from August 16, 2019 or newer
  • If the Handheld Solution is in use, the Cadacus WCF service version 2.02.11 (released 9/24/2019) or newer must be installed and the configuration option "UseSysproWCF" set to "Yes". The SYSPRO 8 Communications and Load Balancer service must also be installed and using the default ports.
  • The packing slip printing program EDI041 is being worked on. If possible, please switch to using the delivery/dispatch note print.
  • Scripting must be set to operate on the client at this time. The requires the setup option to execute scripts on the client to be set and the support library to be installed on the client.
  • Scripting on the Product, Reference and Date cross-references is not supported on the client at this time. Converting these scripts to a document script is suggested.
  • Handheld WMS Scripting requires the installation of the scripting service.
  • The EMail settings must be set to "Direct SMTP via support library". Use of the client setting is not recommended and the Microsoft library will not work client/server. The service will work, but is not recommended if the library method is working.
  • We are fine-tuning issues related to the following-- please report any issues related to:
    • Cadacus SFS libraries, such as our Cadacus Shipping Library, Support System, etc.

    • FTP

    • Bill-of-Lading (BOL) functionality is still being tested and will be made available soon

Installation tutorial

For detailed installation steps, go to Tutorials--> Installation/Upgrades--> Install Cadacus Solutions, or click here.