The EDI Imports will execute the following Sales Order Entry triggers:

  • After sales order added

  • After sales order merchandise line added

  • After sales order header updated

  • At 'End Order..' before showing End Order window

There is also a specific and generic trigger for after each import/export which can be setup in the EDI trigger maintenance.

There is a potential problem with using non-NetExpress triggers during EDI imports.  If the trigger program expects to be able to add a line to the sales order, a conflict can occur.  The problem stems from the fact that the import does not wait for a non-NetExpress based trigger to complete before continuing on.  Therefore, the EDI system could run a trigger after merchandise line 1 is added and then continue forward and add line 2 before the trigger has a chance to complete.  The only solution is to rewrite the trigger as a NetExpress program, or to modify the trigger to run at "End Order" instead of after each line is added.