Current Release : October 5, 2023

Please select the link below to download the latest Solutions for SYSPRO release for SYSPRO 7


Updates for current release.

2023-11-06 : Update to Shipping Solution et. al. (Supercedes 2023-10-10 update)

Correction to shipping station selection which caused an error message in the main shipping solution and in other programs that require a station to be selected.

Correction for run-time error in EDI02A occuring with some station setups.


Support for SYSPRO 7 will continue for the near future. However, the ability to support SYSPRO 7 is becoming harder over time. It is estimated enhancement support for SYSPRO 7 will be discontinued at the end of 2024, but may occur earlier. All users of SYSPRO 7 are encouraged to upgrade to the latest SYSPRO 8 release.

Major database change in July 26, 2022 release

A number of major changes have been made to the shipment tables to clean up inconsistencies in the original definitions of the tables and to support multiple dispatch notes from the same sales order being shipped on the same shipment. The main aspect of the conversion is the use of a numeric document number instead of the sales order number in the EDIShipmentOrder and EDIShipmentAdd tables.  The necessary conversion can take longer than usual if the shipment tables are large and if multiple orders per shipment are normal. In addition, any "ShipmentNumber" column has been renamed to "Shipment" and other columns have also been renamed for consistency. In order to minimize the impact of any renamed columns, computed columns have been added for all renamed columns to allow reports etc. to continue to function

Testing of Updates

It is HIGHLY recommended that all updates be tested on a test or development server separate from the main SYSPRO application server before installing in a live environment. 

SYSPRO 6.1 SP1 support has ended

Support for all versions of SYSPRO below SYSPRO 7.0 Update 1 ended December 31st, 2017. All customers using SYSPRO 6.1 must update to SYSPRO 7.0 Update 1 or SYSPRO 8 to continue receiving enhancements.

SYSPRO 7.0 C-ISAM support has ended

In order to take advantage of the SQL platform, support for SYSPRO 7.0 using C-ISAM data files has ended.

SQL Table Updates

There is a SQL script in the base\scripts folder called EDIUpdate.sql. This script must be run against each SQL Company. To Run, load it into SQL Management Studio select the SYSPRO database and execute.  For details, go to Tutorials--> Installation/Upgrades--> SQL Scripts and SYSPRO 7 Installation/Update, or click here.

Note for creating new companies

There is a SQL script in the base\scripts folder called EDITables.sql which must be used to create the required tables for a new company. 

Installation tutorial

For detailed installation steps, go to Tutorials--> Installation/Upgrades--> Install Cadacus Solutions, or click here .