Enabling Cadacus WCF logs for analysis and troubleshooting

A communications log may be enabled for troubleshooting interactions between the handhelds and SYSPRO.

Please note while the Cadacus WCF log is a valuable tool for analysis and troubleshooting, caution should observed in a production environment due to:

  1. the potential impact on production scanning speed.
  2. the potential impact to the SQL server of a continuously growing log database.

There are two types of troubleshooting logs available:

  1. A Cadacus WCF log - when activated, this log contains detailed technical entries (for troubleshooting purposes) for each handheld communicating to it on the server;  the steps to enable this global log are detailed below
  2. A local handheld device log - when activated, the data folder of the specific local handheld device will contain a table of logged calls specific to the local handheld device for details, go here for instructions on how to activate this local log

NOTE: For deleting/removing old Cadacus WCF Log files, a SQL script is available on the SYSPRO server in the scripts folder called EDIDropWCFLogTables.sql.


Enabling the global WCF SQL log

To activate the SQL log for all WCF activity, edit the service config file using notepad run "as administrator".  

1. Change the settings indicated below.

  • SQLLog : set this value to "True" (not case senstive; any other value will be interpreted as "false"
  • SQLServer : enter the SQL server computer name.
  • SQLDatabase : Enter the name of the SQL database to use for logging. Do not log to the SYSPRO database.
  • SQLUser : enter the login name of a SQL user (not domain user) associated with the above password.
  • SQLPassword : enter the password for the SQL user entered in SQLUser.
  • SQLTable : It is not recommended to change this setting.
  • SQLConnection : Obsolete - do not use.

2. Depending on the server, it may be necessary to configure the WCF service to log in as a domain user. Do not use a user where the password may expire as the service will stop working when the password expires. It is recommended a special user be setup for the WCF service or use the same user as the SYSPRO services.

3. Restart the Cadacus WCF Service

4. Generate any SYSPRO activity on a Cadacus Handheld device. Performing a "Check Webservices" is enough to log a transaction.

5. Check the newly created SQL table to inspect the logging results.

If there are any issues, check the Windows Application Event log for error messages.

If it is necessary to send the log to support for analysis, use the SQL manager to backup the database, compress the backup and upload/sent it to support. Please remove any unnecessary tables from the database before backing it up.

Do not use the options to generate a text log. These logs are obsolete and difficult to read.