Shipping System Scale Interface

To interface with electronic scales, the following control needs to be downloaded and installed.  This control was updated on September 9, 2011.

The scale interface is setup in the Shipping Station Maintenance on the Scale tab.  The main information needed is how the scale is connected and what interface method it uses. Consult the scale manual for this information.  Be aware that some scales can emulate other manufacturer's control information. If this is the case, choose the scale type it is emulating.

For USB scales, the manufacturer string is needed.  To get this string, Run C:\Program Files\Cadacus, Inc\Cadacus SFS Support Setup\CadacusDLLTest.exe.  Click on the "Scale (USB Based)" tab and click "Search for Devices".  Find the manufacturer string in the window and enter this string exactly in the station maintenance.  Do not enter the description.