Latest list of supported devices for the Handheld WMS Solution

  • Any Windows computer including workstations, laptops and tablets running Windows 8 or better.
  • Android
    • All tablets/phones/handhelds running Android 4.4 or better.
      • Scanning can be via..
        • attached USB or wireless scanner (OTG USB port may be required) (**)
        • internal camera (not recommended for intense use)
    • Zebra devices running Android are supported with full scanner integration.
    • Intermec devices running Android are supported with full scanner integration.
  • Windows Mobile Devices
    • Zebra/Motorola/Symbol - Any devices running Windows Mobile 5.0 or better. Windows CE 5.0 or better is also supported but not recommended. Full integration with the scanners is provided for these devices.
    • Intermec - Same as Zebra
    • All Others - Should run. Scanner intergration would be with manufacturer supplied software keyboard wedge.


** Direct scanner integration can be accomplished with any devices having a scanner and supporting Android "Intents". Intents are a standard Android feature, but they must be supported by the manufacturer and scanning device. The use of Intents allows the Handheld WMS Solution to receive the entire scan as a single message instead of receiving it one character at a time as keyboard input.  To use Intents (even on a Zebra device), use the standard (Non-EMDK) version of the Android Handheld WMS interface.  To setup the Intent on the device, perform the following setups in the scanner (DataWedge on Zebra) setup on the device:

Note: any particular devices settings may be different from the following, please use this information as a guideline

  1. For the default Profile General Settings, go to Data Output , and change the Keyboard Emulation Default Mode to Intent
  2. Select Related Settings and set:
  • Intent action to:   Scan
  • Intent Category to:   CadacusWMS   (Category is sometime called others things such as "Decode data")
  • Intent Delivery (if the setting exists) to:   Broadcast Intent
  • Uncheck the Start Activity "Enable" checkbox. Package and class will not be required.