Release Notes for July 26, 2022


A number of major changes have been made to the shipment tables to clean up inconsistencies in the original definitions of the tables and to support multiple dispatch notes from the same sales order being shipped on the same shipment. The main aspect of the conversion is the use of a numeric document number instead of the sales order number in the EDIShipmentOrder and EDIShipmentAdd tables.  The necessary conversion can take longer than usual if the shipment tables are large and if multiple orders per shipment are normal. In addition, any "ShipmentNumber" column has been renamed to "Shipment" and other columns have also been renamed for consistency. In order to minimize the impact of any renamed columns, computed columns have been added for all renamed columns to allow reports etc. to continue to function.

In order to take advantage of the speed of direct SQL calls, support for SYSPRO 7 using C-ISAM has been dropped. 

Support for SYSPRO 6.1 was officially stopped a long time ago. We have continued to attempt to provide updates when required, but enhancements for the SYSPRO 8 user interface have made support for SYSPRO 6.1 impossible.

EDI file formats other than ANSI/EDIFACT (such as TPPC, Gentran, etc.) will not be supported in the future. Anyone using these formats should switch to reading/creating a pure ANSI/EDIFACT format as soon as possible to prevent the possibility of problems in the future. This does not affect the XML imports and template driven exports.

General Updates

2021-11-05 : Corrected intial display in system and shipping setup.  FIrst pane will always be the same even if treeview is sorted.

2022-06-15 : Added option in the outgoing address configuration to reverse line 1 and line 2 of an address after it is parsed.  This can affect both EDI and Shipping Solutions. Enable the option if the suite (etc.) information is above the street address on a order and they need to be reversed for EDI and/or shipping.

EDI Solution Updates

2021-11-04 : Corrected the scripting not recognizing functions without a () at the end of the function name.

2021-11-12 :  Added allowance for "*" as the sender or receiver qualifier for inbound documents processed through the input sort to indicate any value is acceptable. The "*" must be set on the ANSI X12 tab of the document setup, not in the partner ANSI setttings. Uncheck the "Use common ISA..." option, make sure the ISA information is correct and put the "*" as the appropriate ISA qualifier.

2021-11-18 : Corrected Import restriction PO import count limit importing an extra PO.

2021-12-13 : Corrected EDISAP-Update error when running automation with the NODIALOG option.

2021-12-14 : Enabled use of branch address in outgoing documents using the branch on the sales order.

2021-12-21 : Update to pricing to take customer/product class discount table into account.

2021-12-21 : Expanded script XMLIn and Parameters strings for business object calls to 10,000 characters.

2021-12-28 : Added branch code to reference cross-reference options for outgoing orders.

2021-12-28: Added EDI.HoldValue to scripting to hold a value across multiple documents.

2022-01-06 : Business object calls are now supported during EDI exports. Tutorial information has been updated.

2022-02-02 : Corrected input sort for UNA segment with no line terminator (using CRLF) information.

2022-02-14 : Corrected for non-taxable codes in the USA tax systems.

2022-03-02 : Corrected price tests when coded pricing is not in the stocking UOM.

2022-03-09 : Corrected reporting of some of the numbers at the end of a import. Error and warning count added to the EDIReportHeader table.

2022-03-10 : Imports with a forced allowance could not add a freight charge/cost. The fixed value/freight multiplier field on the Inbound Allowance cross-reference has been split into two fields.  The EDIUpdate.sql script moves the fixed value to the new freight multiplier column for freight charge or cost type allowances.  Any C-ISAM installations will have to fixed the value manually using the cross-reference. If a forced allowance is setup as a freight charge or cost the fixed value will be used as the value and the multiplier used to calculate the other value (cost or charge).

2022-03-18 : Added "Ship quantity" and "Sales order line number" to product qualifier cross-reference.

2022-03-21 : During any cumes import, the sales order lines will be checked for job attachments. The job attachments will be preserved for any lines retained.

2022-03-21 : Corrected issue introduced in prior release which may have prevented cumes reporting of changes.

2022-03-28 : When exporting an address using the warehouse address and the warehouse is the non-stocked warehouse, the fixed address on the address record will be used.

2022-04-05 : Modified handling of EDI.SkipSegment to allow for skipping the first item segment properly. The issue related to a LIN segment in the "S" level of a inbound 856.

2022-04-05 : Enhanced the error messages on the output combine to report properly if the output combine is disabled for a path.

2022-04-11 : Contract price check will not take the SYSPRO document vs order date option into account.

2022-04-11 : Scheduled order handling (830, 862, DELFOR, DELJIT) will attempt to preserve custom form fields for lines with dates that are maintained from document to document.

2022-04-18 : Added lot expiry date to REF cross-reference.

2022-05-20 : Corrected use of sub-account prefix and numeric accounts and presentation length.

2022-05-24 : Added "Document Imported" eSignature.

2022-06-11 : Enhanced checking if scripting library is installed when scripting in use.

2022-06-12 : Corrected attaching of comments to stock lines when processing cumes imports.

2022-06-12 : Corrected select/deselect all issue in data export/import.

2022-07-20 : Handling of certain inbound reference qualifiers without detail would use an internal value instead of the qualifier for the information saved.

2022-07-22 : If there are multiple warehouse on a imported order the report would show "**" as the warehouse. To not confuse this with the SYSPRO non-stocked warehouse, this has been changed to "-Multiple-".

204 Import

2022-06-10 : New import with report/export capabilities

210 Import

2021-11-30 : Enabled use of L104 as charge valued if L102 is not present.

830 Import

2022-04-05 : Added option to treat a ATH segment as a FST segment.

850 Import

2022-06-10 : Corrected EDI.LineWarehouse not working with order split on warehouse.

2022-06-20 : Added ability to set orders to any valid status in scripting using EDI.Status.

2022-06-26 : Option added to save stocks on full hold as rejected items.

2022-06-27 : Option added to treat BEG01 = "05" as an order update instead of a cancel and replace.

2022-07-22 : Corrected to support library to properly handle resetting of EDI.LineWarehouse to blank.

856 Import

2021-12-13 : Added better looping control to report/extract.

2022-05-15 : Added ability to create a purchase order from the document.

860 Import

2022-04-19 : Added option to use POC03 as the new quantity.

2022-06-21 : Added options for updating of billings and status 8 documents.

875 Import

2021-04-12 : Corrected storing of the order quantity on a "REJ" comment line.

940 Import

2022-03-28 : Moved ability to break up orders based on line ship to's from 850 document to 940 import.

2022-05-24 : PO will be checked against current orders and the order updated if the PO matches

2022-05-24 : Ability to store a batch number for the import run in a CFF on the order header added.

2022-05-25 : Option to create purchase orders instead of sales orders.

2022-06-12 : Enabled acknowledgement and archive flags on input sort tab of document setup.

945 Import

2022-03-09 : Corrected SorDetailBin records for sales order lines against a non-binned warehouse. Also corrected for sales order and/or 945 not being in the stocking UOM.

2022-06-13 : Added option to allow update of status 8 orders or orders on suspense.

2022-06-15 : Added option to allow update of billings.


2022-06-11 : Added option to allow ship date adjustments to leave a ship date as a non-working day.


2021-01-19 : Corrected issue with the translation database for the ORDCHG document. New translation file from the website needs to be imported.

204 Export

2022-03-19: Added document selection and filter options

2022-04-29 : Added universal customer/vendor option

753 Export

2021-12-01 : Added options for USI01 to use estimated carton count using either the EDI parameters or the shipping solution parameters.

2021-12-15 : Enhanced OID05 at the summary level to recognize a estimated carton count.

2022-02-07 : Added sales order option in OID01 at detail level.

2022-02-09 : Added option to calculate pallets for USI02.

810 Export

2021-01-19 : New feature to consolidate invoice lines with the same stock code.

2022-06-14 : Added QTY segment

2022-07-14 : Corrected non-taxable line on a taxable invoice using advance geocodes crashing the export.

846 Export

2022-01-17 : When exporting by lots, the lot will be summed across multiple bins. Option added to extended summary across warehouses.

2022-06-20 : Options to exclude partial and full hold stocks added.

2022-06-24 : Option added to skip stock codes without a warehouse record.

855 Export

2021-11-30 : UPC code on REJ comment line will be recongnized as exported as the UPC code for a PO1 segment.

2022-02-09 : Added reserved quantity as option for ACK02.

2022-03-09 : Corrected export of REJ when REJ comment in between lines and at the end of the order.

2022-03-19 : Added option to disable PURPOSE comment and cleaned up other BAK01 options (some were from when the 855 and 865 used the same setup program).

2022-06-27 : Expanded ACK06 option to send price.

856 Export

2021-11-17 : Expanded O level repeat option to allow repeat for every item.

2021-01-19 : Corrected the consolidation of P level MAN segments when after the I level.

2022-02-02 : Corrected infinite loop when exporting by lot number from an invoice reprint.

2022-03-18 : Added option to control "O" level repeating based on order line custom form field. Corrected repeating of "O" level for every line when LIN at order level.

2022-03-18 : Added LIN segment at the shipment level.

2022-05-19 : Added TD3 at item level.

2022-06-27 : Added SN1 at ZZ level.

2022-07-22 : Added option to use invoice number for tracking when exporting sales orders.

2022-07-25 : Added option to lookup stock code CFF for MAN02 information.

879 Export

2021-11-12 : New options to use a future contract price instead of current pricing.

940 Export

2022-03-10 : Corrected use of delivery note number to modify W0502

940 Export

2022-04-07 : Corrected no details lines when exporting the backorder quantity

2022-05-25 : Corrected running of second 940.

944 Export

2022-03-08 : Adjustment to allow the purchase order line custom form fields to be available to scripting during the LX segment.

2022-04-18 : Allowed selection of number of decimals for W2004 weight element.

2022-05-04 : Option added to allow a document to span multiple journals.

945 Export

2022-03-23 : Added option to control number of decimals for W0302 weight.

947 Export

2022-02-10 : New export. This export will only work on SYSPRO 8 due to the nature of the SQL calls required.  The export uses a table called EDI947Export to control the detail information.  This table is created by the user and each column is a segment element.  For example, information in a column called W1901 will be output to the W1901 element. Each record in the table will be one set of detail information.  The export supports the W19, N9 and G62 detail segments.

2022-03-02 : Added required column of "Partner" to EDI947Export table. Partner code must be set to allow multiple partner exports.


2021-11-02: A pack level has been implemented. The CPS questions have been moved to their own tab and the "Levels" question (similar to the HL levels question in the 856) is active. "SOPI" is now a valid configuration. There are new options on the PAC/QTY tab to enable the segments on the pack level and disable it for the item level.


2022-05-10 : Corrected PAT segment would come out as BEG.

Shipping Solution Updates

2021-11-30 : New EDI03Z shipment cancellation program and EDI02Z shipment cancellation business object added to security.

2021-12-03 : Corrected backorder issue when releasing reserved stock.

2021-12-21 : Corrected issue with lots/bins not retaining order information properly.

2022-02-08 : Enhanced Freight Calculator to recognize Avalara tax system is installed and set tax code properly on the freight line.

2022-02-08 : Corrected the email address if sending emails from shipment release.

2022-03-02 : Expanded Fedex packaging options in dimensions cross-reference and API interface.

2022-03-11 : Added additional customer address lines to schema. Also added SystemInformation section with SYSPRO company ID and Name.

2022-03-18 : Shipment release has been updated with an option to verify the order bin quantities. The option will only work on SQL systems. The option will verify the on hand quantity in the bin is greater then the ship quantity for the bin on the order. The option was primarily added to prevent issues with creating dispatch notes, but operates regardless of if dispatches are being created.

2022-03-20 : A new status of "Waiting for document print" has been added to the status option for the station setup. An option to allow selection of this status has been added to the shipment release setup.  A new option to set the status after shipment release to "Waiting for truck" has been added and an option to set the shipment to released after the truck loading has been completed has been added.

2022-04-19 : If a existing shipment at pending status is selected for shipping the same option to check the order/bin quantities added to shipment release is available on the General 6 tab.

2022-04-21 : Tokens are now allowed in the transfer to bin. For example "S-<Shipment>" on shipment 123 will transfer items to the bin "S-000000123".

2022-05-16 : Delimited entries with a lot number will store the lot number in the EDIShipmentItem table even for non-lot traceable items.

2022-05-25 : Purchase orders with spaces handled properly in comma separated list on BOL.

2022-06-24 : Option added to station setup to compare entry against customer stock code cross-reference.

2022-07-15 : Updated BOL quantities to output decimals.

Handheld WMS Solution Updates

Note: Some of the Shipping Solution updates may pertain to the shipping module of the Handheld WMS Solution.

2021-11-05 : Added backup/restore of the local databases with optional transmission to support FTP site for assistance.

2021-11-10 : Added available quantity to bin query.

2021-11-11 : Changed the bin download to allow for unlimited number of bins without timing out or buffer overruns. Bins will be download 2000 at a time in a loop.

2021-11-11 : Corrected font sizing on the "New" screen for visual modules.

2021-11-11 : Added options to enable lot and serials for systems where the stock code information is too large to load completely to the handhelds.

2021-11-11 : Enhanced the stock code and lot queries to use the edited quantities and to show lots in expiration date sequence (easily removed from the XSL file if not desired). Default stock code query will show lots if the lot option is enabled on the Queries tab of the setup. Queries show On Hand and Available quantities by default. 

2021-12-09 : Corrected crash/loop in Android release when exiting the "To Warehouse" field.

2021-12-10 : Enabled use of the tab for Android devices with a physical keyboard.

2021-12-14 : Added options on LP screens which ask for a quantity to use the case count as a multiplier.

2021-12-14 : Corrected links on queries if the linked to item has a space inbedded in the item.

2021-12-15 : Several areas of the program (end pack, end tare, LP screens) may be configured to ask one or more questions which previously would appear serially. These questions will now be asked all together in a single screen.

2021-12-21 : Corrected LP Add Plate default warehouse and bins for new plate.

2022-03-10 : Modified JobQuery.xsl to display allocations if the option is set on the queries tab of the handheld configuration.

2022-03-17 : Corrected STAT-OPER shipping label tag when printing labels from handhelds.

2022-04-25 : Corrected issue with "New" entry screen for visual modules.

2022-05-16 : All XML files for visual modules will include the company ID in the file name. Shipments with a shipment level will also include the level.

2022-05-27 : The shipping module and shipment export has been corrected to handle a pack quantity with a non-integer value.

2022-06-09 : Enabled handling of very large warehouse transfer matrix lists

Advanced Order Management Solution Updates

2021-12-28 : Error corrected which occured when allocating non-stocked lines when using non-SYSPRO allocation methods of bins and the orders has other stocked lines on it from a binned warehouse.

2022-03-18 : New options to control status and printing when using the secondary release queue.

2022-04-29 : Added suspended orders to hold quantity options.

2022-05-02 : Added order status check before allocation is performed.

2022-07-20 : Release screen upgraded to newer SYSPRO UI.

Shipment Import Solution Updates

2021-11-19 : Correct missing SCAC comment when requested in station setup.

2022-05-19 : Added option to verify the line and stock code match the sales order detail.

2022-05-25 : Split archiving of XML files from the handhelds vs shipment import.

2022-07-22 : Shipment purge enabled with valid shipment import registration.

Vendor Purchase Orders Solution Updates

2022-01-17 : Option added to control currency of purchase orders

Summarized Invoice Solution Updates

2021-11-11 : Added additional options for order/dispatch status selection

2021-11-16 : Enhanced to handle non-stocked lines. Non-stocked lines are summarized by the non-stocked code.

2021-11-16 : Enhanced to handle misc. charges. No summary of misc. charges is done.