General Updates

2022-08-02 : Correction to EDIUpdate.sql script to create EDILabelDetail..DispatchNote field as Char instead of Decimal. Update posted on download pages.

2022-08-03 : Added note to EDIReplaceNulls.sql to ignore any errors regarding columns which can not be modified because the column is a computed column

2022-09-18 : Added ability to load an email configuration into the EDIEML email test program. EDIEML also added to support menu for easier access.

2022-10-03 : Upgraded EDIDropConstaints.sql for SYSPRO change to foreign key naming conventions.

EDI Solution Updates

2022-07-31 : Corrected error in input sort and BAI sort where only ISA/GS lines would be written to sorted files. Update posted on download pages.

2022-08-04 : Corrected error in July, 2022 EDI scripting library that would create all orders at status 8. Use 2022-08-04 or newer support library.

2022-08-18 : Released support library with updated FTP and EMail libaries

2022-08-19 : Input sort options on some documents enhance to allow immediate archiving of the inbound document without processing.

2022-08-31 : Enhanced exports so if the warehouse is non-stocked and the location is indicated as the warehouse code, but the fixed code is not blank - it will use the fixed code as the location.

2022-09-06 : Enhanced the scripting to allow for formatted messages and storage of message number and information in the report detail table.

2022-09-07 : Corrected EDIUpdate.sql size on the EDIShipmentMaster..Weight column.  The proper size is decimal(18,6).

2022-09-17 : Coded all errors with a message number which will be written to the EDIReportDetail tab if enabled.

2022-09-17 : If backorders are included in the summary reports, they will be reported for the purchase order summaries also.

2022-10-03 : Corrected skipping a input document at a transition from one ISA/GS control to another causes incorrect mismatch notices.

2022-10-07 : Corrected problem with import/export partner entry screen lockup if toast messages are enabled.

2022-10-17 : Corrected issue with scripted CFF information that contained XML special characters.

2022-11-02 : Added comm path to active files listing and enabled reloading of previous form values.

2022-11-08 : Added archive button to active files listing to allow archiving of files (may need to use add/remove button feature to enable new buttons).

2022-11-17 : Extended max length of file name the FTP can handle to 256 characters.

2022-11-30 : Corrected issue with DOC token not working in archive strings.

2022-01-04 : Added additional handling for the EDIFACT release character (usually a "?").

2023-01-19 : Continued enhancements to the scripting interface to minimize client/server calls and improve speed.

2023-02-01 : Script comments in the first segment of a document or control segments were not recognized.

810 Import

2022-09-06 : Corrected report export to allow selection of summary segment elements.

820 Import

2022-10-10 : Option added to post unapplied credits individually

830 Import

2022-09-17 : Added option to convert movement record quantity UOM to document quantity UOM

850 Import

2022-09-07 : Added EDI.TermsCode to the scripting library to set the terms code on a sales order.

2022-09-17 : Disable running of TPM reconciliation if TPM disabled in EDI setup.

2022-11-09 : If performing a cancel and replace - If the original document is not found, the new order will still be created.

2023-01-31 : Added cancellation reason code. If code is entered SYSPRO business object is used for cancelling sales order.

2023-02-01 : Option to display warning message if rounding enabled and activated for a stock code.

2023-02-14 : Corrected erroneous message of unknown code with SLN segments.

855 Import

2022-08-30 : Added report/export capability

860 Import

2022-08-05 : Added sort sequence to input sort tab of document setup.

862 Import

2022-09-17 : Added option to convert movement record quantity UOM to document quantity UOM

940 Import

2023-02-06 : Added option to allow SYSPRO pricing instead of zero pricing

2023-02-09 : Corrected adding of a PO line zero when updating a purchase order.


2022-09-12 : Correct maintaining line detail information with the line for custom form fields setup in the import.


2022-09-12 : Correct maintaining line detail information with the line for custom form fields setup in the import.

204 Export

2022-10-03 : Added option to control zero price and zero ship quantity lines.

810 Export

2022-08-10 :  If the table AdmTaxFltrBranch exists and the branch is listed in the table the system will revert to non-USA tax methods.

2022-08-18 : Corrected missing SAC line tax segments.

2022-11-07 : Added option to send a zero in ITD08.  

2022-11-07 : Added TXI07 options and more control of TXI10 in summary vs detail segments.

852 Export

2022-08-02 :  Inventory CFF added as selection option and the ability to enter the selection criteria. During automation you can use the "Selection" option to set the value to check against.

2022-08-02 : A check for type "R" has been added when calculating the "Production" values. It doesn't currently check the source.

855 Export

2022-01-06 : Initial release of ability to use SQL views to select documents and detail lines.

856 Export

2022-08-24 : Removed erroneous messaged regarding unable to find a UPC Case code for the MAN segment at the pack level.

2022-09-14 : Expanded PRF05 options.

2022-09-26 : Added option to export from shipments at "Waiting for Truck" (T) status.

2022-10-10 : Corrected repeating O level when backorders added to export from shipment.

2022-11-03 : Corrected SN102 and SN103 when order is not in the stocking UOM

879 Export

2022-09-17 : Added G93 export as fixed values.

944 Export

2022-11-29 : Added required options to W07 product qualifiers.


2022-09-14 : Expanded level options to include SPI and STI. Added additional segments.

2023-02-13 : Corrected Zero price setting not saving in document setup.

2023-02-14 : Enabled use of qualifier to send from reference cross-reference in GIR segments.

Shipping Solution Updates

2022-08-18 : Corrected BOL format program moving header entries 2 positions out of place in standard printing method.

2022-08-20 : If using the advanced labeling system for tare or pack labels the EDIShipmentItem table will be positioned at the first item in the tare or pack.

2022-08-23 : Corrected issue with attached comments being moved to a dispatch for lines that are not dispatched.

2022-09-17 : Corrected linkage of misc. charges on a created dispatch note if more then one misc. charge has the same charge/cost values.

2022-10-10 : Enhanced dispatch note creation to follow warehouse restriction on selection tab of station setup.

2022-10-11 : Corrected auto-set BOL being cleared by summary entry screen.

2022-10-21 : Enhanced EDIAVY/EDIVFY address verification interface for TLS1.2. Also added SCAC and Account tags to parameters XML.

2022-11-03 : Enhanced BOL bill-to address options on options tab of order header setup. Order header options made available in format program when using a Word or SRS type document.

2022-11-08 : Corrected order level packing slip printing not working correctly with multiple documents on the shipment and the slips printing at end shipment.

2022-11-18 : Corrected printing of delivery notes from shipment release when multiple documents are on a shipment.

2023-01-09 : Added LTL option for delivery to a Trade Show for any LTL carriers that support the special service.

2023-01-11 : Shipment viewer toolbar option to show shipments with multiple orders in alphanumerical sequence instead of shipment sequence added.

2023-01-11 : Shipment viewer listviews will load with first order, tare, pack, item, etc. for faster viewing.

2023-01-11 : Allowed for CFF tokens in the carrier references in the form of <ORD/XXX001>

Advanced Order Management Solution Updates

2023-01-19 : Corrected for partial kit suggested allocations which could occur if a line is more then 1 per kit and partial stock is available.

2023-01-22 : Enhanced for better Avanti support.

Handheld WMS Solution

2022-08-03 : Added option to include custom form fields in the Lot query.

2022-08-24 : Option added to set orders/dispatches to invoice status after load.

2022-08-30 : In the Shipping/Handheld WMS setup on the business objects/handhelds tab there are two new entries. The first is a Image URL and the second is a multimedia code. The Image URL can be ignored or set as a default and the multimedia code can also be ignored or any valid SYSPRO multimedia code entered (such as JPG or HH).

The Image URL is a template to a web server. It may be pointed directly to the image or a html page or whatever. An example would be http://serverip/image/<StockCode>.jpg <StockCode> is not case sensitive and will be replaced with the stock code to form the URL to display.

If a multimedia code is setup, the actual URL needs to be entered such as http://serverip/image/A100.jpg

If a multimedia code is setup, the Handheld will do a query on the multimedia code first and use it if it exists. If the code is not defined or there is no entry for a stock code it will parse the Image URL if it exists. The handheld does not store the results of the multimedia code query at this time. It will repeat the query every time.

There is a new setting on the "tap options" for the columns to enable the image display when tapping on a column in the shipping.

2022-09-27 : Option to allow user to select desired SO/PO in visual modules if multiple lines have the sale stock code.

2022-09-28 : Allowed entry of LP master user fields in LP creation

2022-09-29 : Corrected issue on Android where login would be required twice after an update settings on the main screen.

2022-09-29 : Added a license plate standard quantity CFF to license plate setup. On job receipts the quantity will be checked against the standard quantity and the user query (OK/Cancel) if the entered quantity is higher.

2022-11-02 : When a stock code appears on multiple lines of receiver, the operator can be asked for the line to fulfil.

2022-11-02 : Default quantity of 1 corrected in the visual screens.

2022-11-02 : #IMG tag added the XSL link options to display the multimedia image.

2022-12-01 : Added more stylized fields and XML control over the fields layout (color, background, rounding, etc.).

2022-12-01 : Corrected some text missing from the language translation.

2023-01-23 : Upgraded license plate handling for better support of partial LP's such as "P123" instead of  the full license plate of "P00000000000123".

2023-02-01 : Corrected issue with updating shipments with multiple orders.

2023-02-10 : Added ability to display order comments in visual shipping.

2023-02-14 : Release landscape mode for Android tablets and windows for visual shipping. The right side of the screen can be used for displaying images and/or order comments.

2023-02-15 : Managed version of the Android APK released for use with Microsoft Intune.

Shipment Import Solution Updates

2023-02-01 : Corrected issue with updating shipments with multiple orders.


Vendor Purchase Orders Solution Updates

None at this time

Summarized Invoice Solution Updates

None at this time