General Updates

None at this time

EDI Solution Updates

2023-02-23 : The import will generally look for the earliest ship date to use at the header and/or detail level. If there is no ship date defined, the imports look for the earliest date available. An adjustment was done to properly perform this check at the detail level. For the detail dates, the imports were using the last date instead of the earliest date.

2023-03-14 : Added the ability to email the report and the data file as PDFs.

2023-03-15 : Input sort enhanced to store the report in the report tables if this history option is enabled.

2023-03-16 : Output combine sort enhanced to store the report in the report tables if this history option is enabled.

2023-03-16 : Option to send a selected file or a previously archived file added to output combine.

850 Import

2023-03-08 : Added scripting support for controlling if SCT is created and target warehouse for SCT.

855 Import

2023-02-23 : Corrected report/extract to properly loop on ACK segments.

2023-03-09 : Removed erroneous message regarding unable to import due to status.

856 Import

2023-03-26 : Corrected update of connected sales order header and ability to create a dispatch when importing against a PO.

944 Import

2023-03-02 : Corrected that import would perform transfers in input test mode.

945 Import

2023-03-09 : Corrected updating of parent part when component imported

990 Import

2023-03-14: Added 990 Response to Load Tender to import system. Information is reported only.

810 Export

2023-02-22 : Options added to document setup to allow seperate IT1 loops per serial or lot number.

2023-03-08 : Corrected size of warehouse selection fields to 10 characters.

2023-03-25 : Expanded stock code summarization to work with dispatch notes (does not work with consolidated dispatch notes)

2023-03-26 : Enhanced QTY segment to recongnize summarization

846 Export

2023-03-09 : Corrected infinite loop on lot export.

2023-03-09 : Enhanced to recognize lot export when lot number in REF segment.

2023-03-14 : Corrected report to list proper quantity when breaking down by lot for lot traceable items

850 Export

2023-03-26 : Corrected export of customer PO number in BEG03

2023-03-26 : Corrected BEG05 date option not working

855 Export

2023-03-08 : Added support for exporting SCTs

856 Export

2023-02-23 : Correction for consolidation by item when there are multiple orders/dispatches and no Order level in the document.

2023-03-02 : Additional adjustments for insuring proper sales order information is exported at the item level where required when no order level exists.

2023-03-13 : Correction for end less loop in SOIP configuration.

2023-03-15 : Added option to allow entry of alternate key restriction at run-time.

2023-03-15 : Added option to allow entry of customer range restriction at run-time.

940 Export

2023-03-15 : Added option to allow entry of alternate key restriction at run-time.

945 Export

2023-03-02 : Added "ORD" comment option for W0606

Shipping Solution Updates

2023-02-24 : Corrected crash of web API interface for very large shipments.

2023-03-02 : Added "Expand Treeview" button to shipment viewer to fully expand the treeview when clicked.

2023-03-02 : Correction to shipping library installer. Not all required libraries were installed into the 64 bit folder.

2023-03-07 : Correction of dispatch line not saving during ship complete when acting on a dispatch note.

2023-03-09 : Corrected DSRUN error if customization attempted. Added status update date/time to shipment view.

2023-03-13 : Corrected invalid cubing error message if order only contains two or more "ship in their own box" type products.

2023-03-14 : Corrected UOM conversion in cubing interface

2023-03-14 : Correction to address verification routine to properly return country code.

2023-03-27 : Enhanced Pack Information program (EDIPAK) to recognize SSCC numbers and to cancel items off the EDIShipmentItem table for cancelled packs.

Advanced Order Management Solution Updates

None at this time

Handheld WMS Solution

2023-02-23 : Enhancement to directly read a USB connected scale for pack and tare weights (Windows and Android only).

2023-03-14 : Enhanced checking of license plate standard quantity during job receipts. When adding to an existing plate the new total quantity will be checked.

2023-03-14 : Added option on checking for the license plate standard quantity to shipping setup as to if the operator is allowed to OK an over quantity.

2023-03-23 : Added Group as a token (a duplicate of the current GroupCode) in order to match the use of Group for the handheld group in the non-shipping labels.

Shipment Import Solution Updates

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Vendor Purchase Orders Solution Updates

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Summarized Invoice Solution Updates

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