Note: Some of the updates may have links to the corrections/enhancements. These updates should only be applied to the current release.

General Updates

2023-10-16 : The duplicate PO check was converted to a SQL call for efficiency.

2023-10-30 : The allocation routine that checks for bins on hold has been enhanced to perform using a single SQL call. In addition, the check will not take place if the allocation options have been set to backorder the quantity.

2023-03-17 : Message added to DDS update in SYSPRO 8 to indicate it is no longer required. A custom data dictionary "CADSFS" was issued starting with the 10/5/2023 release.

2024-04-29 : File handlers compiled with Visual COBOL 8 published on SYSPRO 8 download page for SYSPRO 8 2023.

EDI Solution Updates

2023-11-08 : The Generic Element Processing cross-reference has been expanded and improved to work with any segment for almost any document. For an import it will allow any element of a segment to be stored as either a comment or in a custom form field. This could be done with scripting, but the enhancement allows it to be done without a script. The cross-reference was also extended to outgoing documents. This enhancement allows the retrieval of the CFF information into any outgoing element. As a table change is required, this enhancement is not compatible with any previous releases.

2023-11-09 : New translation option in the DTM cross-reference for "Available to promise". This selection uses the results from the SYSPRO INVQAT business object to discern a date.

2023-11-13 : It is recommended the SYSPRO Hotfix "SYSPRO.8.2022.KB8090703" be installed on SYSPRO 8 2022 systems if scripts are in use. This hotfix reduces the number of SQL calls of an internal SYSPRO program called IMPWSH which faciliates the client-side scripting. For other versions of SYSPRO 8, please contact SYSPRO support. This update is not necessary for SYSPRO 7.

2024-01-11 : Credit checking on imports will properly check credit if a sub-accounts credit checking is turned off, but the master accounts is enabled. Credit checking is done based on the master account.

2024-01-13 : The old SorControl record does not exist in a brand new SYSPRO 8 2023 database and the EDI programs will present an error that the sales order control record does not exist. The check for this record has been removed for SYSPRO 8 2023. A temporary fix can be done by creating a "CTL" record in SorControl.

2024-01-16 : The routine to ascertain cumes information from the inventory movements file was rewritten to use a newer SYSPRO SQL interface. In some systems under SYSPRO 8 the ODBC access has changed which causes the older methods to not work and return an error that the InvMovements table is an invalid object.

2023-02-07 : Upgraded internal routines to recognize the warehouse custom form fields.

2024-02-13 : Scripting Updates - Tutorial has been updated with the enhancements and changes. 1) 64 bit interface to scripting introduced. This will allow scripting on the server in SYSPRO 8. 2) Scripts can be written in Javascript in addition to Visual Basic. 3) Include files - You can have a script (or scripts) with all your boilerplate and include it in the main script. 4) Global functions - If you use the same defined function all the time you can set one up and it will call it and the regular function also. 5) The validate button should work from the clients on SYSPRO 8.

2024-02-14 : The invoice exports (810, 880, 894) have been enhanced to allow the creation of the invoice (no document printing) after exporting. 

2024-03-04 : Ongoing conversions of older report lines to newer methods.

2024-03-04 : Input file reading adjusted to handle a segment with just a terminator

2023-03-12 : Corrected situation where exports needing to read comments attached to dispatch notes lines could get confused and read the wrong (or no) comment line.

2024-04-25 : Added EDI.SysproDate to the scripting interface. This variable will have the current SYSPRO date in CCYYMMDD format.

2024-04-29 : Export reports showing invoice totals were corrected to exclude values of invoices not sent due to errors/warnings or script skip.

850 Import

2023-10-24 : Added allocation option to ship allocatable stock and cancel any unallocatable quantity

2024-01-11 : Removed warning message from TPMTAP that trade promotions have been processed for an order.

2024-02-27 : A/R master order count and order totals were not being updated properly.

2024-04-05 : Added format for the cancel date being saved to the alternate key.

2024-04-19 : Corrected issue with the line ship date and line customer req date when using business objects.

860 Import

2023-11-22 : Corrected issue if a order cancellation is skipped due to the current order status.

2023-02-07 : Corrected issue with data error if document skip initated from scripting.

895 Import

2024-01-23 : Added document as a custom report/extract/SQL import.

810 Export

2024-01-23 : Correct issue with reading standard tax tables

2024-03-04 : Corrected quantities when consolidating lines and not sending the quantity in the order unit of measure.

855 Export

2024-02-04 : Correct issues with quantity selection options and exported expected detail lines.

856 Export

2023-10-10 : Added CFF lookup to SN101 options

2023-10-12 : Added ability to output multiple MAN segments at the item level.

2024-04-04 : Expanded PAL segment options

2024-05-15 : Corrected issue with duplicate O levels when using dispatch notes

894 Export

2024-03-04 : Corrected missing total information on report

2024-03-11 : Option added to update document invoice date

997 Export

2023-02-29 : Added ability to export separate file for each 997.


2023-10-24 : The zero price and zero ship options where not working properly.

Shipping Solution Updates

2023-10-10 : Correction to shipping station selection which caused an error message in the main shipping solution and other issues in other programs that required the a station to be selected. An update is available on the main download pages and at the following link. Update to shipping station selection

2023-12-07 : Shipping library enhanced to trap communications drop outs, pause for a few seconds and then try the transaction again.

2024-02-21 : Added a charge code option to add any freight and apply it to the first order/dispatch on a shipment. All other orders will get a zero charge/cost freight line added. The enhancement is more for dispatches in order to not leave a freight line on a sales order open when the dispatch is invoiced if the freight has been moved to a different dispatch.

2024-03-04 : Corrected missing dispatch note when used for a carrier reference if the dispatch is created during the shipment.

2024-03-17 : ArCustomer master fields added to advanced labeling system

2024-04-04 : ItemCount column on the EDIShipmentTare record was not being set properly.

2024-04-25 : Added option to enable TPM recalc after order updated.

2023-05-15 : Corrected customer stock code not clearing on labels

Advanced Order Management Solution Updates

2023-10-06 : Added default picker and default skill level to AOM setup.  Added skill level options to setup.

2024-01-11 : Option added to only allocate to the default bin. Negatives must generally be allowed for this option to work.

2024-04-02 : Added Picker and skill level filters

2024-04-03 : Added sales order detail line exclusion CFF. Options for exclusion codes were expanded.

Handheld WMS Solution

2023-10-06 : If employee based restrictions are being used, some module may reappear after clearing them in the restriction listings. Removing these modules in the Handheld WMS configuration will work to remove the modules. The update at the following link corrects the setup programs and file handler.  Correction to Handheld WMS restrictions for Employees

2023-10-12 : Corrected sending of shipments to orders if backorder release is allowed and bins are set to verify and the bin display is the warehouse default bin and a backorder is on a line. This would cause a duplicate line and other issues during shipping.

2023-10-16 : The license plate interface for shipping was enhanced for the situation where the sales order has multiple lines for the same stock code and the LP has individual matching lines. A new option on the quantities tab of the station setup enables the detail matching.

2023-10-23 : Options added to visual shipping for indicating a zero shipped line which can be colored and/or dropped from the view. Option added to remove partial picked lines from the view.

2023-10-23 : Enhancements to visual modules scanning interface to allow for faster multiple scans.

Shipment Import Solution Updates

None at this time

Vendor Purchase Orders Solution Updates

None at this time

Summarized Invoice Solution Updates

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