Note: Some of the updates may have links to the corrections/enhancements. These updates should only be applied to the prior release.

General Updates

2023-07-08 : SYSPRO 8 2000 Installations and before will have a problem with the installation program as they do not understand the Web UI json files. A special installation is available on request.

2023-10-01 : SYSPRO 8 2023 is now supported and with the release will have a separate installation set available on the website. 

2023-09-25 : Corrected the gears icon on the main menu not showing the names of the views.

EDI Solution Updates

2023-07-17 : Incoming document list on main menu and maintenance menu duplicated. Correction can be downloaded from the following link : Menu Correction

2023-07-23 : When documents were skipped due to scripting or errors/warnings the ST control number sequence was skipped. The segment has been changed so the control numbers will be in sequence. In theory this does not matter per EDI standards, but it does make the file a bit easier to follow.

2023-08-04 : Corrected issue with any export reading from the invoice reprint file and exporting a detail line custom form field where the lines have moved on the sales order.

2023-09-20 : Corrected inbound address handling generating an error if too many address lines and the country is being stored.

2023-10-04 : Added option in outbound date handling to use the entire comment detail instead of the first piece of detail information on the comment line.

850 Import

2023-07-20 : Added options to report/store MAN segment information

2023-07-21 : Added option to store order information in the blanket order cross-reference

2023-07-21 : Changed wording on rounding check to say "check quantity" instead of "pallet quantity".

2023-07-07 : EDI.StatusCancelled added to allow bringing in an order in cancelled status for 855 purposes.

2023-09-20 : Added split option to attach any unknown or blank split codes to the first order.

856 Import

2023-09-21 : When creating dispatch notes if a dispatch could not be created an erroneous message was displayed with the prior dispatch note number.

875 Import

2023-07-22 : Added option to print stock detail on report.

876 Import

2023-07-23 : Matched 860 processing to always check for updated header and line ship dates.

810 Export 

2023-07-20 : Corrected lockup if option to roll up component pricing for kits to parent option is enabled.

844 Import

2023-08-23 : Export corrected to properly handle two level reporting.

850 Export

2023-07-27 : Added options for controlling the quantity to export.

855 Export

2023-07-11 : Added option to BAK02 configuration

2023-07-20 : Corrected warehouse browses on restrictions tab.

2023-07-21 : Option added to allow reference cross reference lookup of N902 when exporting comments as MSG/MTX segments.

856 Export

2023-07-22 : Corrected problem with reversing a stock code substitution when exporting an 856 from the shipping tables.

2023-07-23 : Question added regarding what the export should do if a required TD102 is blank or zero.

870 Export

2023-09-13 : Document tracking added to document setup

940 Export

2023-07-10 : Corrected option to select order status at run time.

945 Export

2023-07-23 : Corrected extra SE segment in document if last document skipped due to script or errors.

Shipping Solution Updates

2023-07-10 : Added a reference 3 option to the carrier account information label tab. The Fedex API will use this information for the "REF" field on the Fedex labels.

2023-07-10 : Enhanced the "PO" field configuration for a Fedex label to allow configuration via the reference 2 field on the carrier account information cross-reference.

2023-07-21 : Enhanced shipping web API interface handling of COD with handling charges.

2023-09-19 : Enhanced handling of insurance in small carrier API interface.

2023-09-20 : Corrected "kill" of stock not updating allocation quantity on inventory master.

2023-09-20 : Added additional customs comment for orders < $800.

2023-09-20 : Added CFF on the international tab of the shipping setup to defined a tax registration number for international customs for the sold to address.

Advanced Order Management Solution Updates

2023-09-19 : Corrected missing horizontal scroll bar in allocation screens.

2023-09-19 : Corrected inability to resize columns in stock code windows in allocation program.

2023-09-20 : Picker and skill level selection added to allocation system to allow direction of orders to certain pickers and pickers with appropriate skill levels.

Handheld WMS Solution

2023-07-10 : Corrected reference and notation "Clear after post" options not saving in Handheld WMS Configuration

2023-07-12 : Corrected visual module handled of non-stocked items

2023-07-12 : New options for populating license plates during a shipment to only allow selection of existing license plates.

2023-09-14 : Android client enhanced for faster scan processing.

Shipment Import Solution Updates

None at this time

Vendor Purchase Orders Solution Updates

2023-07-20 : Added setup option to control date used on purchase orders

2023-07-26 : Option added to store sales order in CFF on purchase order header

2023-08-04 : Added options to set buyer and select delivery address

2023-08-04 : Corrected price to order conversions quantity conversions

Summarized Invoice Solution Updates

None at this time