It was found that the June 27, 2023 update had a possible issue with the file handlers in the SYSPRO 8 releases. Therefore it was decided to replace that release with this July 7, 2023 release.

General Updates

2023-05-19 : The reporting service was enhanced to correct for a Crystal reporting error loading the report after 74 reports had been generated. The service was also updated to use the latest service pack for the Crystal runtime. The reporting service should be stopped before installing the new service and the config file information saved and restored to the new config file created.

2023-06-07 : A release specifically for SYSPRO 8 2022 has been posted.

EDI Solution Updates

Note: Any site using scripting must install the latest support library on the server and/or clients.

2023-05-12 : Incoming document maintenance program displays an error when loading. Correction is on release download pages.

2023-05-26 : Corrected missing report messages regarding communications path being processed.

2023-05-30 : Added ability to pull REF/RFF03 from a custom form field.

2023-06-01 : Corrected trigger maintenance crashing on program load (all SYSPRO releases) and on trigger selection (SYSPRO 8 only). Note: Using the SYSPRO trigger maintenance is the better method and the EDI Menu has been changed to call the SYSPRO trigger maintenance from the trigger maintenance option on the menu.

2023-06-07 : Option added for outgoing addresses to use multiple N3 segments if needed.

2023-06-07 : Exporting large numbers of documents (> 500) would cause the SYSPRO temp file naming to start reusing file names and cause problems. The number of temp file names has been reduced and naming of the temp files has been reworked to eliminate the issue.

2023-06-26 : Corrected issue with new import/export status display and running the scripts on a client automated with the NODIALOG option.

2023-06-26 : Expanded REF02 handling from 50 characters to 80 characters maximum of newer ANSI specifications.

830 Import

2023-06-08 : Added report/extract options to document

860 Import

2023-06-27 : Change POC02 code "MU" from a quantity increase to a quantity change

850 Import

2023-06-27 : An "L" option has been added to the lookup list. This option tells the system to use the PO101 line number to lookup the sales order line. The options for saving the sales order line must be set to use either a CFF (probably best) or the user field.

860 Import

2023-05-18 : Added option to update LIN comments stored in the EDIComments table.

862 Import

2023-06-08 : Added report/extract options to document


2023-06-26 : Added Purchase order check options to input sort tab


2023-05-18 : Added option to store incoming LIN01 number to custom form field

810 Export

2023-05-10 : Corrected TXI08 not clearing between documents.

855 Export

2023-06-29 : Corrected missing scripting tab in document setup.

856 Export

2023-05-10 : Correction had been previously done around 9/2022 to handle creating a single 856 for multiple orders when there is no order level. This has been enhanced to recognize the "Multiple orders per shipment" so if this is not enabled and there is no order level, the shipment will be broken down into separate 856 documents.


2023-05-18 : Expanded options for LIN01 line number


2023-05-18 : Expanded options for LIN01 line number

2023-05-30 : Corrected FII segment requiring CTA segment information in address cross-reference.

Shipping Solution Updates

2023-06-01 : Increased bill of lading support for larger warehouse and branch addresses

2023-06-01 : Added option to third party address to use special instuctions, but leave blank if no information.

2023-06-08 : New option to enter a code for a stock code label on the labels tab.  The stock code labels use the advanced labeling system.  This system uses the SQL data names as the tokens. The current shipment and item number is passed to the labeling system so the correct line in EDIShipmentItems and other shipment tables should be available as well as the InvMaster.

2023-06-12 : Corrected issue with the BOL and PRO numbers entered on the batch shipping interface not being saved.

2023-06-29 : Corrected missing batch shipping report.

2023-06-29 : Corrected issue with reading address code from custom form fields setup on address tab.

2023-07-01 : Increased size of city field in EDIShipmentAdd to 30 characters.

Advanced Order Management Solution Updates

2023-06-01 : Enhanced stock exclusion options to recognize custom form field as a date. Exclusion is in place until the date is current.

2023-06-01 : Added cancel date and new promise, cancel and customer request date tracking columns to EDIAOMMaster table and the available columns in AOM allocation.

2023-06-01 : Filters on new date tracking columns added to AOM Allocations.

Handheld WMS Solution

2023-05-09 : Added option in LP Split to not display the stock code if the LP entered is a single stock code plate.

2023-05-24 : Options added to visual and direct stock take to allow for confirmation of zero counts.

2023-05-30 : Added checks for access or other errors in call to BOMOPS during job receipts when query required 

2023-05-31 : Corrected LP spliting across multiple lines in visual modules.

2023-05-31 : Corrected querys generating error about unable to read query file on certain Android versions.

2023-06-25 : Corrected scanning multiple times in quick succession when using the Intent scanning interface.

2023-06-26 : Correct scanning stock code into the stock code query under some circumstances.

Shipment Import Solution Updates

None at this time

Vendor Purchase Orders Solution Updates

None at this time

Summarized Invoice Solution Updates

None at this time