Alternative Automation Processes

3 years 3 weeks ago #640 by martinezjoshua

I currently want to start automating are processes for EDI, but running into major problems:

Invoices are either not being picked up
Invoices are picking up old ones (1/2+ years ago), or creating 0 KB files that then are sent out.

Another problem is sometimes these batch files get stuck or 'hung' which then causes the user to stayed logged in, even after putting a timeout limit on their sessions.. So every day I have to log them out manually.

Overall, I feel these batch files do not work with EDI/Syspro properly, and was wondering if there are any alternatives to use instead of batch files?

This is what I have in my batch so far: Sometimes it does work, but other times it does not. In the text file for starting invoice, we grab the minimum invoice for the day before.

CD D:\SYSPRO7\base
SET /p SINV=< D:\edidata\tasks\temp\InvNumber.txt
SET EINV=99999999

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3 years 3 weeks ago #641 by elasner
We are sorry to here youy are having issues with the automation process. Unfortunately there too many variables to resolve the issue in the forum. We suggest that you contact Syspro Support for assistance with this issue.

To answer you question there is no other way to automate this then the method you are using.

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