Enhancements and corrections since the last release

EDI Solution Updates

2021-04-06 : Corrected reading of some files when the binary read mode is enabled

2021-04-07 : Charge code cross-reference was not properly displaying the option to update a freight line with the cost without changing the charge.

2021-04-07 : Corrected missing export of PO403 element

2021-04-13 : Added option in address configuration to change the order of checking for a valid location. The default is to check the primary location indicated first. If this is blank and a custom form field is specified then it will be checked. If no custom form field or it is blank the fixed information will be used if not blank.  Otherwise an error will be report if requested. The new option changes the order to custom form field first, then the primary location and then the fixed information.

810 Import

    2021-04-06 : Corrected reporting of invoice value when there is a variance from the GRN value

    2021-04-07 : Corrected if there is a UOM conversion required on the price and quantity

    2021-04-07 : Business object to post invoices will not be called in test mode

850 Import

    2021-04-14 : Options added on Dates tab of setup for directly specifing DTM qualifiers to use for header and detail line dates. Handling of selection of line dates enhanced to better facilitate use of DTM segments at the header and detail level for both scheduled and non-scheduled orders.

862 Import

    2021-04-14 : Added option to find current order by purchase order number. The blanket order index is not used.

945 Import

    2021-04-13 : Added option to change the far right information on the report line to the alternate purchase order number

    2021-04-16 : Corrected storing of shipment information if the same stock code in the last two packs or tares and the stock code is on two different sales order lines

997 Import

    2021-04-12 : Added/Corrected reporting of ACK0501 and ACK0901 codes

753 Export

    2021-04-06 : Corrected USI segment being exported when not required.

856 Export

  2021-04-07 : Corrected when the export is looking for line comments from a dispatch and the dispatch line was rewritten by the Shipping Solution, the export was not able to find the lines.

Shipping Solution Updates

2021-04-05 : On SYSPRO 8 only - Shipping solution displays a runtime error (usually after the entry of the sales order to ship).

2021-04-08 : Enabled the shipping station to A/R cross link cross-reference and upgraded it for SYSPRO 7 customer codes. This cross-reference was introduced a long time ago, but never formally used. The order/dispatch selection in the Shipping Solution will check the customer/master customer against the cross-reference and either allow/deny access based on the entries.

2021-04-08 : New charge option to add a cost if a charge exists, but to add both the charge and cost if no charge already exists to the charge code setup.

2021-04-12 : If a freight line is moved from a sales order to a dispatch created by the Shipping solution, the dispatch freight line is updated with the SO number and line. This should allow SYSPRO to mark the line as complete when the dispatch is invoiced.

2021-04-15 : DHL International added to web API interfaces. Interface should be considered beta at this time, but ready for testing.

Handheld WMS Solution Updates

2021-04-13 : Corrected error in EDIQR1 and EDIQR2 WMS query programs.

2021-04-15 : In shipping if the option to request summary items is enabled and the option to request the ship-via is enabled, the ship-via will be requested. The local resources need to be updated to maintain a list of valid ship-via codes.

Advanced Order Management Solution Updates

None at this time

Shipment Import Solution Updates

None at this time

Vendor Purchase Orders Solution Updates

None at this time

Summarized Invoice Solution Updates

None at this time