Enhancements and corrections since the last release


Support for SYSPRO 6.1 was officially stopped a long time ago. We have continued to attempt to provide updates when required, but enhancements for the SYSPRO 8 user interface have caused some of the screen features to stop working on SYSPRO 6.1. We are sorry, however, nothing can be done if an enhanced program has problems on 6.1 except encourage the upgrading of SYSPRO to version 8.

EDI file formats other then ANSI/EDIFACT (such as TPPC, Gentran, etc.) will not be supported in the future. Anyone using these formats should switch to reading/creating a pure ANSI/EDIFACT format as soon as possible to prevent the possibility of problems in the future. This does not effect the XML imports and template driven exports.

General Updates

2021-08-03 : The WCF service has been upgraded to allow the SYSPRO Load Balancer port to be set.

2021-08-15 : The reporting service has been modified to allow for a blank SavePath option. If SavePath is blank the report control files will not be saved.

2021-08-17 : Identifier update added to acknowledgement query and proper identifer set for documents with BGN segment.

2021-09-08 : New system setup was not displaying/saving notes options properly

2021-09-28 : Clearing of records from DTP table based on the underlying document status added to DTP browse.

EDI Solution Updates

2021-07-28 : Imports would throw a SQL error if lots are being assigned and an error causes a sales order not to be created.

2021-08-02 : Initial beta release of a double pass scripting system for imports. This system will run each segment though the scripting system twice. The first time, no processing is done by the import. During the second pass the normal processing is done. There is a new setting on the scripting tab of document setup to enable the double pass processing (an option to disable scripting has also been added). The latest support library is required to support a new EDI.Pass object in the scripting. EDI.Pass equal to 1 indicates pass one, 2 = pass two, 0 = before first document or double pass is not enabled. The 850 and 830 imports have been enabled at this time and others may be added on request. This should be considered a beta enhancement at this time.

2021-08-03 : Corrected a quirk that if the messages for a PO cross the page header boundary and that PO is not going to be imported due to errors, the test mode message is shown incorrectly in the page header.

2021-09-09 : Added EDI.rValue to scripting to store/return real numbers as a vbscript data type of "Double".

2021-09-13 : Corrected file read error on second etc. file when a wildcard is in the file name and the import files do not have CR/LFs after each segment.

2021-10-06 : Corrected address exports from countries that do not have state/provinces and there is more then one line to the address.  Note: Country information cross-reference must be imported and country must be marked as not having state/provinces.  In addition the "State unknown" message has been removed if a country does not have states.

214 Import

2021-08-31 : Ability to save script comments to dispatch/order added. Also added ability to control where the CFF/comments are placed when a dispatch is on the shipment.

754 Import

2021-09-02 : Ability to use enhanced reporting tools to generate report and/or export added to document. 

2021-09-02: Ability to update a sales order added. The purchase order in OID02 is used to locate the sales order. Script comments and custom form fields will be added/updated on the order. The new EDI.ShipVia script variable can be used to update the ship via. PER segment options also added to setup.

820/823 Import

2021-07-31 : Option added to use N104 (if N104 blank then N102) as the ID number.

830/862 Import

2021-08-09 : Option to store LIN01 line number as a custom form field added to document setup.

2021-10-13 : Option added to use BFR02 or BSS02 as the po number

850 Import

2021-08-11 : If alternate stock code is chosen because of supersession date, the description from the new stock code will be used.

2021-08-19 : Added price to unknown code error.

2021-10-06 : Added sales order line and the EDI price to the EDIImportDetail table

860 Import

2021-09-27 : Enabled updating of forward orders

2021-10-12 : Corrected custom form fields being updated in test mode

945 Import

2021-08-06 : Corrected setting display on Page 1 of document setup.

2021-08-18 : Corrected warehouse setting on Page 4 of document setup.

2021-09-01 : Moved update of order header option to page 4 of document setup and expanded options to include no update.


2021-09-22 : Added option to use BGM0201 as the purchase order number


2021-08-01 : Import document added to system

753 Export

2021-07-30 : Estimated pallet count was not outputing to the USI segment.

2021-08-10 : Added separate files option to document setup.

2021-08-19 : Added USI01 option to send carton/pack count from shipping solution.

2021-08-19 : Added ability to control the quantity to send when sending from sales orders.

810 Export

2021-08-19 : Corrected EDILog code when exporting dispatches at status 7.

846 Export

2021-07-28 : Quantities in REF loop will follow UOM selection.

2021-07-28 : MEA segments corrected when alternate or other UOM selected.

2021-08-19 : Updated options for handling negative available quantities.

855 Export

2021-07-28 : Added options to only export orders with rejected lines and option to only export rejected lines. The ACK01 code is checked against the default.  Anything other than the default is considered a rejected line.

856 Export

2021-09-22 : Corrected infinite loop when exporting by lot number and exporting lot creation/expiration date

2021-10-13 : Options added to consolidate by tare ignoring pack information and consolidate by pack

943 Export

2021-09-21 : Corrected export of W04 and G62 from Goods in transit records

997 Export

2021-09-17 : Corrected partner browse during export.

Shipping Solution Updates

2021-07-28 : Legacy Fedex interface to FSMS on SYSPRO 8 when running client/server and a Fedex server name is used instead of an IP address causes a RTS error.

2021-07-28 : Shipping/Handheld WMS system setup was storing the custom form field for the Charge Code incorrectly which caused the CFF not to be read properly.

2021-07-28 : If creating a dispatch and sales order status of 2 if backorder otherwise do not change is selected, the order status would be set to 2 by SYSPRO and not overridden.

2021-08-02 : Option added to set order to status 4 after a dispatch is created.

2021-08-10 : Ability to block shipments with completed orders/dispatches added to release options.

2021-08-17 : Updated shipment release to correct display/update of weight and freight.

2021-08-18 : Separate shipment cancellation program added to menu.

2021-08-27 : Added [SQLCMD] command and <SQLError> token to labeling system

2021-08-30 : Option added for packing slips to update the custom form fields before printing the packing slip. This makes the CFF information available to the packing slip.

2021-08-30 : Corrected issue with email information and the UPS web API

2021-08-30 : Option to set the order to status 4 normally or status 2 where there is a backorder when dispatch notes are created added to status tab of station setup.

2021-08-31 : New program (EDI03Z) and business object (EDI02Z) to cancel a shipment. The cancel shipment button has been converted to use the new program. The program is also available on the menu.

2021-08-31 : Option to backorder the sales order lines when cancelling a shipment added to General 2 tab. Any line on the shipment will be placed completely on backorder if the option is selected and a shipment is cancelled. This option should be used with caution.

2021-09-02 : Added <Shipment> to carrier reference token options

2021-09-21 : Corrected dispatching of kits

2021-09-22 : First release of new screens for some of the shipping solution forms. The new screens can be enabled on the General 2 tab of the station setup.  Option to always load the screens maximized added.

2021-09-22 : Added order/dispatch ship date as a display option to the release questions.

2021-09-29 : Fedex tracking URL updated.

2021-09-30 : Added error message if reporting service is requested but no report code is provided.

2021-09-30 : Client would lock up when releasing reserved stock.

Handheld WMS Solution Updates

Note: Some of the Shipping Solution updates may pertain to the shipping module of the Handheld WMS Solution.

2021-08-04 : Option added to summarize the LP totals before posting in Job Receipts by LP

2021-08-04 : Corrected storing the PO and Job against the LP in LP "Add Stock" module

2021-08-04 : Added ability to ask for shipment, tare and pack in lables modules to reprint shipping labels.  Also corrected not showing quantity if disabled.

2021-08-31 : Additional options for controlling entry field and button in the shipping module.

2021-09-13 : Enhanced posting of a shipment of a partial license plate.  When a partial plate is shipped it will be marked as "Partial Pick" and the partial quantity recorded in a new column in the EDIShipmentItem table. When the shipment is posted, the quantity shipped will be removed from the LP and the LP returned to active status.

2021-09-22 : Enhanced the screen handling of license plates with multiple items on them in LP Adjustments and LP Split.

2021-09-24 : New queries released for sizing issue on some Android versions

2021-09-25 : LP Add stock enhanced to allow removals from existing LP's and entering the same stock code multiple times (it will be summed).

2021-09-28 : PRO number assignment messages when low on available pro numbers from the carrier will be displayed on the handhelds.

2021-10-06 : Corrected crash when adjustments screen set to display current quantity.

2021-10-06 : Corrected focus error when using "bin first" option on visual stock take after scanning bin

Advanced Order Management Solution Updates

2021-08-16 : Correction of station code length in setup.

2021-09-24 : Compilation and allocation will ignore expired lots. Added additional fields to EDIAOMAvailable table.

Shipment Import Solution Updates

2021-08-15 : Corrected error if using C-ISAM.

Vendor Purchase Orders Solution Updates

None at this time

Summarized Invoice Solution Updates

2021-09-15 : Added option to post summarized invoices to the master instead of first order's A/R account.