Release Notes for April 4, 2021

EDI Solution Updates

2021-01-19 : Added support for EDIFACT UNA segment during input sort.

2021-01-19 : Enhanced support of parsing delimiters from UNB segment during input sort.

2021-02-03 : Enhanced format of UNA segment

2021-02-17 : Corrected issue with document copy program

2021-03-09 : Corrected issue with EDI.SkipSegment not resetting properly.

2021-03-09 : Corrected active files pane on main menu for long file names.

2021-03-24 : Corrected exports from purchase orders to take the completed line flag and the previously received quantity into account

753 Export

2021-01-19 : Added support for BGN06

2021-01-19 : Added support for using the reference cross-reference for L1101

2021-01-19 : Added shipment number to report when exporting shipments

2021-01-29 : Enhanced USI01 to use pallet count from shipment header

2021-03-09 : Enabled selection of status 1 orders

2021-03-26 : Added pallet estimation from sales orders using shipping parameters

2021-04-01 : Added file option for shipments to process


850/875 Import

2021-01-26 : Corrected issue with warehouse error that would cause a 153 runtime error

2021-02-03 : Corrected handing of 850 when 855 run during processing.  Feature added to 875.

2021-02-03 : Added option to run Vendor PO creation program during processing to 875.

2021-03-09 : Corrected line dates on scheduled orders where EDI document does not have line date information.

2021-03-25 : If splitting an order without line ship dates, the ship date will be set to the header ship dates.


852 Export

2021-02-17 : Corrected export of inventory description and long description

2021-02-17 : Added "SELECTED(xxx)" option to automation to allow setting of user defined 1 selection code.


855 Export

2021-02-17 : Added options to create separate output files

2021-02-17 : Added option to use reserved quantity


856 Export

2021-02-17 : Added option to CLD02 to convert to order UOM

2021-03-09 : Corrected issue when sending backordered lines and multiple lines with the same stock code are on the sales order.

2021-03-09 : Option added to control SN102 at the order level


 945 Import

2021-03-09 : Added W606 to purchase order field on report line.

2021-03-31 : Corrected "unable to find sales order"


850 Export

2021-03-24 : Added AMT segment at detail level


943 Import

2021-03-24 : Added ability to create a purchase order from the document


944 Export

2021-03-24 : Added option to restrict exports to the master supplier on the partner setup

2021-03-29 : Added buyers code option to use supplier cross-reference

2021-03-29 : Added W1705 options

2021-03-29 : Added block of LX segment for versions below 004020


Shipping Solution Updates

2021-01-22 - Corrected issue with assigning invoice numbers when multiple dispatch notes in a shipment.

2021-01-26 : Added ability to enter PRO number when selecting carrier when working with WWEX broker.

2021-02-15 : Expanded Fill/Kill custom form lookup to look at the sales order first and then the customer.

2021-02-25 : Corrected issue with bin quantity on a packing slips when user does not enter the lots and bins for a lot traceable item.

2021-03-02 : Corrected issue with dispatch notes not clearing properly and updating the lots and bin when changes are made.

2021-03-03 : Reworked how dispatches are created when the sales order is updated. The new method better preserves and handles the movement of misc. charges, comments and freight lines from the sales order.

2021-03-21 : Added LP creation from tares/packs using new plate numbers or the mark/tracking number

2021-03-22 : Added option to reopen a pending shipment using a sales order instead of the shipment number.

2021-03-21 : Added custom comment to send to API's for international shipments

2021-03-25 : Corrected BOL and Master BOL to work with standard documents in SYSPRO 7 and up.


Handheld WMS Solution Updates

2021-02-21 : Enhanced Visual job issues filter to allow entry of match code

2021-04-04 : Added over-issue options to visual issues


Advanced Order Management Updates

2021-02-05 : An IGNORELOCKS option has been added to the link parameters available to both EDIAO1 (compilation) and EDIAOA (automated release) programs. Adding this parameter will cause the program to clear any existing locks and continue processing.

2021-02-16 : Added Ship days option to filters. 1 is today, 2 is today and tomorrow, etc.

2021-02-16 : If document printing is performed on allocation the solution will check if the same order with different ship days is released and only print the document once.

2021-02-17 : Added option to include suspended orders.  Suspended orders will be allocated to, but not printed or have their status changed.

2021-02-17 : Added option to include the total order fill value on the release report.

2021-02-17 : Added the filter information to the automated allocation release report.

2021-02-17 : Corrected order count on release report of more than 999 orders.

2021-02-17 : Added a "remove" option to the filter preferences restore browse.

2021-02-18 : Upgraded the selected orders treeview pane.

2021-03-28 : Changed allocation settings to allow for bin priority or lot priority options and separate bin options. Added option to require full cases be allocated from a single lot. If a full case is not available partial cases will be allocation. Added option for sales order line custom form field to force allocation of line from a single lot. If a single lot is not available, an error will be reported, allocations for the sales order stopped and the sales order skipped. Added options to look at status 4 and or status 8 orders during compilation and hold back stock for backordered lines for future use. Added option to ignore backorders (do not attempt to suggest allocations) during compilation on sales order lines with a partial ship quantity. Added options to save and email the non-default bin report. Added options to report allocation errors instead of displaying as message boxes and to save and email the error report. The bin allocations were enhanced to allocate lots are well as bins when in bin priority. A bin will be selected and then lots in that bin will be assigned. Lot priority will allocate by lot and then assign bins within the lot as necessary.