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through September 17, 2018
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General Announcements

Handheld WMS on Android  
Cadacus, Inc. makes it possible to take the SYSPRO ERP system mobile with our Handheld Warehouse Management Solution for Android devices. Perform all the necessary warehouse functions, from shipping to receiving, and everything in between. Includes labeling and advanced license plating modules. Works on Android mobile computers from Zebra and others as well as tablets and phones.  Contact us for more information or a demonstration.
Handheld Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) users:
Action required for Handheld WMS licensing
A new licensing process was introduced in our April 10, 2018, release announcement (see details here).  As a reminder: 
  • Implementing any release dated April 2018 or later requires the new Handheld WMS license registration numbers for all companies, as the "old Handheld licenses" will no longer work
Before installing this release, please contact us if new Handheld WMS licenses have not been received or if there are other licensing-related issues or questions.
SYSPRO 7 Installation / Update
If SYSPRO 7 is being installed or updated, please click here to review important requirements that may impact the installation/update process.
General Enhancements and Corrections
Please see the list below for the most recent enhancements and corrections made to the EDI, Shipping, Handheld WMS solutions, and more. We have ​endeavored to test the changes as thoroughly as possible, but as all releases share the same code base there is always the possibility of an unforeseen complication. Best practices include local testing and user sign-off prior to going live in any production environment. If any problems arise, please notify us.
September 17, 2018 Release Notes 
* new *
Handling SYSPRO Reserved Stock    * enhanced *
  • Advanced Order Management (AOM), the Shipping Solutions, and Handheld WMS Shipping module have been enhanced to work with SYSPRO reserved stock. AOM has been enhanced to allow the reserving of stock instead of allocating. The shipping solution will recognize the reserve stock and present to the operator the "reserve" quantity and/or the "to ship" quantity for processing. For more information on reserved stock, please contact your SYSPRO dealer.

Handheld WMS  - Receiving  * enhanced *
  • Enhanced with a new Receiving 2 tab to provide common options (in both Visual and Direct Receiving) for how to handle overages. The option used in Visual Receiving has now been enabled in Direct Receiving. Those not already using Visual Receiving may find its default value unsuitable, so please evaluate and set the proper options to meet your needs for Visual and Direct Receiving.
Handheld WMS  - Android
  • Corrected condition preventing decimal entry on some screens
Handheld WMS  - License Plating
  • Corrected to prevent adding a stock code to the license plate that was not on the sales order
  • Enhanced "split" screen to ask for a lot number
  • Enhanced to include a new LP Merge page in the setup where the choice can be made to merge like detail items
Handheld WMS  - Bins
  • Updated to prevent a bin transfer to a non-matched bin warehouse
Handheld WMS  - Labor Posting
  • Updated to improve labor posting process from job receipts
Handheld WMS  - Shipment Import
  • Corrected fractional balance condition where the same item is on multiple lines and both lines have decimal places for quantity
Handheld WMS  - Stock Take
  • Updated to properly ignore directed tags in a multi-information barcode when using stock take
Handheld WMS  - Updating
  • Reworked the update system so the "Test" or similar message will only appear once at the beginning of the update

Vendor Purchase Orders (VPO)
  • Enhanced to provide an option to switch the PO cost from the default (requirements planning) price to the "last price paid"

EDI Import - 210 - Carrier Freight Invoice
  • Enhanced to include a new G/L tab to enable pulling the N104 information as the G/L code
  • Enhanced new G/L tab to use the "Inbound allowance and charge" cross-reference to translate a code into a G/L code
EDI Import - 820 - BAI Lockbox
  • Corrected issue occurring when customer number for matched/unmatched payments is different
EDI Import - 850 - Purchase Order
  • Enhanced to handle the business object credit checking
  • Enhanced to handle alternate key requirement
  • Corrected creation of forward order with business objects
  • Enhanced to provide an option to "not call" trade promotions (TPMTAP) if order is a forward order
EDI Import - 945 - Warehouse Shipping Advice
  • Updated report to match correctly exported stock and lot numbers
  • Updated to properly handle order quantities when "Allocate from default bin only" is selected
  • Corrected to properly allocate lots when there are multiple lines in the sales order with the same stock code
  • Updated to handle condition causing weight issue on created shipment
EDI Export - 204 - Motor Carrier Load Tender
  • Updated to stop generating report error when processing is correct (based on N7 and G62 tabs)
EDI Export - 810 - Invoice
  • Updated condition causing report to show 0.00 in the Summary by Stock Code value (for 810 and 856)
  • Updated "file" Invoice Selection results when configured to work with dispatch invoices
  • Enhanced maximum size of the REF02 field from 30 to 50 characters
  • Corrected invalid insertion of ">" character based on CTP05 sub-element handling
  • Corrected truncation of product class field greater than 15 characters
  • Corrected the insertion of an incorrect separator character in the CTP segment based on trading partner delimiter setting
  • Updated to post the discount amount/date to the supplier invoice, where the supplier's AP invoice terms indicate a discount percent
EDI - Exports - 846 - Inventory Advice
  • Enhanced to optionally send the maximum creatable kits based on the available components for the three kit types
Generic Advanced Ship Notice
  • Enhanced to add "Dispatch Notes" option as an information source
  • New option on MEA table to select quantity for MEA/SQ segment. Check PAC/QTY page to insure proper case selection
Incoming Allowances
  • Updated incoming allowances product class field to allow values greater than four digits
  • Updated for eSignature logs according to setups

Shipping/Freight - Cadacus Shipping Library
  • Added a new shipping library required when using the carrier web interfaces
Shipping/Freight - Lots
  • Corrected to properly recognize lot expiry full year when processing a shipment using backorder release with lots
Shipping/Freight - Notifications
  • Corrected handling of a certain email notification failure which caused an error on a subsequent notification
Shipping/Freight - Shipment Release
  • Enhanced to send emails based on a new option on the shipment release tab of the Shipping/Handheld WMS setup
Shipping/Freight - UPS
  • Added <altkey> as a token in the UPS 2 tab (Shipping/Handheld WMS setup) for sending the alternate key in the sales order to UPS as one of the references
  • Updated to send additional box fee charges from UPS and add to the dispatch freight value
  • Corrected zone calculation for Alaskan UPS ground shipments
Shipping/Freight - USPS - Endicia
  • Updated the Cadacus Support System (in Downloads section of our website) to handle "Tracking number not received" error