Special Enhancement Release for
Handheld on Android Support
Released through July 21, 2017

Our Cadacus Handheld solution has been enhanced to run under the Android operating system without changing the appearance or functionality.  To implement this capability, we have: Why Android on Handhelds?

Five years ago, Android made up only two percent of worldwide internet usage compared to other operating systems.Now, for the first time in 25 years, a non-Windows operating system, Android, ranks first in worldwide usage share. Major bar code scanner manufacturers have responded by developing software to allow buyers to choose to run Android, rather than Windows, on industry leading handheld scanner devices. In addition, many manufacturers have added a layer of features that have been missing in the standard Android OS built for the consumer world, such as:
  • enterprise-class security and manageability
  • enterprise data capture support
  • business-class Wi-Fi connections
Why the Handheld Solution for SYSPRO?

Cadacus Handheld Solution for SYSPRO harnesses the power of mobile scanning devices to maximize efficiency  throughout the warehouse.  Key benefits include:
  • Optimize productivity by eliminating redundant processes
  • Achieve up to 100% inventory accuracy
  • Boost order accuracy, fill rates and on-time shipments
  • Eliminate excess inventory
  • Direct UPS/FedEx labeling and manifesting
  • Designed for easy customization
  • Improve accuracy and efficiency by using the License Plating feature

Please see the below sample screenshot of our Handheld solution running on Android.

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Thank you,
Cadacus, Inc.
Solutions for SYSPRO Support Team