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EDISLK - Shipment Lock Maintenance

    SYSPRO e.Net Method - Transaction, Post

Parameters  :


XMLIn  :

  <System>Queue or Lock</System> 
  <Action>Set or Clear</Action>
  <Shipment />
  <Handheld />
  <Program />
  <Status />
  • Code : The document number (sales order or dispatch note in key format) or the Queue interface code
    • The following queue interface codes are recognized
      • QueueIdol - The queue processing service is not active
      • QueuePaused - The queue processing service has paused based on a request
      • PauseRequested - The queue processing service has been requested to pause
  • System : "Queue" for the queue interface system, "Lock" for a shipment lock
  • Action : "Set" to create lock, "Clear" to remove lock, "Report" to report a locks status
  • Shipment : Shipment number (not used for "Queue" records)
  • Handheld : Handheld name if lock from the Handheld WMS 
  • Program : Program number (only for "Queue" records)
  • Status : Status code (one character code, not used for "Queue records

XML Output :

  <System>Queue or Lock</System>
  <Action>Set, Clear or Report</Action>