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Please see the list below for the most recent enhancements and corrections made to the EDI, Shipping, Handheld WMS solutions, and more. We have ‚Äčendeavored to test the changes as thoroughly as possible, but as all releases share the same code base there is always the possibility of an unforeseen complication. Best practices include local testing and user sign-off prior to going live in any production environment. If any problems arise, please contact your primary support representative.

General Enhancements and Corrections

Handheld WMS
  • New features and enhancements have been added to the license plating system.

  • Enhancements have been made regarding screen and scanner handling devices using the Android operating system.

  • Correction on the reprocessing of split shipment to not allow overshipments.

  • Dummy lot concession information added to information sent to business objects where the lot concession is required even when not being used.

  • <LabelDate> added as a token in the labeling system indicating the date the label was generated.

  • In all visual screens when a stock code is entered the line with the stock code will be displayed and highlighted.

  • Displaying of requested (GRN, Journal) information to the user on screens that allow this corrected.

  • Warehouse default options added to Adjustment and Bin transfer screens.

  • The handling of defaults in the reference and notes fields has been corrected.

  • Sales order allocation options have been enhanced to allow abintransfer at the time of allocation.

  • Lot/bin/qty validation corrected when default bin is in use and the operator is not asked for the bin.


  • Date processing on 850 Import enhanced to update both header and detail dates.
  • 860 import enhanced to allow created of new stock lines on sales orders.
  • Address export enhanced to allow exporting of last address line as the name.
  • Handling of inbound custom form field information expanded to SYSPRO maximum.
  • Correction possible run-time error in payment maintenance invoice posting.
  • 943 export enhanced to allow export of supply chain transfers.
  • 944 import enhanced to recognize GIT reference number in 944 header.
  • 856 import against a purchase order enhanced to better match due dates and purchase orders with multiple due dates.
  • 850 export enhanced to recognize and export all unattached comments.
  • Correction issue regarding runtime error on 855 import when a PO is tied to a SO.
  • 856 PO import enhanced to allow line number matching against the purchase order.
  • 810 import enhanced to allow line number matching against the purchase order.
  • 855 import enhanced to allow line number matching against the purchase order.
  • 855 export of a line with a rejected price will automatically send IP in ACK01.
  • Exporting of documents using a file containing a list of the documents to be exporting will work with both sales orders and dispatch notes.
  • Error where 850 import reported orders going into suspense by the business object has been corrected. 
  • System hang during an automated run of 850 import when 855 export is enabled has been corrected.
  • Email support system has been enhanced to support more situations.
  • Input sort checking expanded to look at both the IDs and the qualifiers.
  • 855 enhanced to allow the changing of pricing.
  • Corrected placement of comments on outgoing 850 for version 005010 and above.
  • Data import/export runtime error corrected.
  • Export of PER information to multiple 940 documents in the same export corrected.
  • Enhancement to handling of sales order CFF fields not affected by the import has been done due to change in how SYSPRO 8 appears to handle null CFF fields.
  • Consolidation of lines options enhanced for DESADV export.
  • 945 import handling of manual serial number has been corrected.
  • Workaround added for SYSPRO issue of not storing information properly on the detail line which effects custom form fields if there is a comment line between two stock code lines.
  • 810 import enhanced to place invoices on hold when the SYSPRO business objects are being used.
  • 940 export enhanced to allow exclusion of non-stocked items.
  • 997 export overwriting of existing output file has been corrected.
  • Standard comments not being added to the sales order when the business objects are enabled during imports has been corrected.
  • Ability to use a custom form field for MAN02 information added to 856 export.
  • Option added to request confirmation of any deletions from the active files list.
  • DTM cross-reference enhanced to allow the export of a fixed date.
  • 830 exports of PID and CTP segments enhanced.
  • 850 import enhanced to allow storing more address information.
  • Added ability in scripting to request an order not be exported.
  • Option added to export screen to override/set the “Do not export if errors/warnings” setting.
  • Added ability in scripting to cause an purchase order to be skipped.
  • Corrected running of imports from the active files screen is a token is in the import file name.
  • N9 And CDD04 added to 812 export.
  • 830 import to forcasting enhanced to allow use of the release number in the forecast.
  • 810 export looping when exporting certain kits corrected.
  • 810 kit handling options moved to 856 export.
  • ATH segment added to 830 export.
  • Tax exports based on a USA third party system from sales order and dispatched has be upgraded to use the latest SYSPRO specifications for where the sales tax is stored.
  • 214 export corrected to properly export only status 8 orders.
  • When processing SDQ segments into a single order the header flag indicating the ship addresses are at the line level will be set.
Shipping / Freight
  • Expansion and corrections to the ability to pause a shipment.
  • Auto-save ability added to shipment pause functionality.
  • Enhanced ability to scan lot information.
  • Additional Fedex box types added to dimensions cross-reference.
  • Shipment import screen corrected for SYSPRO 7 field sizes.
  • Receiver import browse screen purchase order display corrected.
  • Work around for problem with receiving an error from “SORTDC” has been implemented.
  • UPS SurePost added to shipping methods.
  • Enhancements have been made to the web API interfaces for UPS, Fedex and USPS for the processing of local and international addresses.
  • The ability to ship lots on hold has been blocked.
  • Auto-Qty enhanced to allow for multiple lots assignment to a pallet.
  • Ability to split LTL freight across multiple orders has been added to the solution.
  • Labeling system handling of the [CHAIN] command has been corrected.
  • An issue with the handling of kits on dispatch notes was corrected.
  • External shipping interfaces will not be run unless shipment is released.
  • External interfaces corrected for COD shipments with tax for COD to be proper amount.
Advanced Order Management (AOM)
  • Option added to determine if spaces are allowed as separator between multiple entries in the filters.
  • Corrected situation where a canceled order could be reverted to status 4.